November 2022 will be the time for the HouseBroken season 2 to uncover itself for its recently developed fanbase.

Though it is not finished yet, we can confirm the two-holiday episodes in November of this year and the second season in its entirety in the summer of 2023.

re you a sitcom fan? Does the genre of animated sitcom interest you more than anything? Then you have obviously become a fan of HouseBroken by now.

And this is the article you need now, as the second season of the already popular sitcom comedy is approaching.

The American adult animated comedy, as well as a sitcom TV show, debuted on FOX in May 2021. The series focuses on anthropomorphism

Honey, the dog in HouseBroken is of such a kind. She has mastery in psychiatry. She leads a group of other animals with such ability in her neighborhood to do therapy sessions.

The first season of HouseBroken consists of 11 episodes and the last episode has two parts. Each of the episodes has 21-22 minutes of running time.

The storyline for the upcoming season is surely going to be intriguing. It is the unique plot of the sitcom series which makes it so much popular within a little time.

HouseBroken is created by Jennifer Crittenden, Clea DuVall, and Gabrielle Allan. Curtis Moore does the music for the show.

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