he trailer starts by seeing a diver sitting on the ice preparing to dive into the ice.

She says her record as a world record for women is 50 meters. The diver touched the ice below and said it had not broken for three years.

You are trying to dive further and wish to break the record by making a record 80 meters in cold water, which is a really long journey,

No one has been submerged in water so far. Sometimes a female diver wonders if something is wrong with her, and drives alone.

The countdown continues as it lasts for one minute, and the diver believes that difficult things should not be left out as it is difficult to do.

We can say that the series of documents gives us many lessons in dealing with difficulties and difficulties. The trailer ends with the drowning of young diver Johanna Nordblad in one ice pit.

In the extreme sport of free jumping, runners push themselves to the limit of human endurance, descending to the depths of the sea in a single breath