Teenage life is challenging. High school, awkward families, and puberty, of course, are all factors.

The desire to fit in is utterly crushing, consumes us, and can cause us to act in more than questionable ways. This is the situation in the upcoming Netflix series Fakes.

The young adult comedy series Fakes is currently filming in Vancouver for Netflix and CBC Gem, and Emilija Baranac (Riverdale), Richard Harmon (The 100)

The story of two teenage best friends who unintentionally develop one of the largest false ID empires in North America is told over the course of the ten episodes

Be prepared since Netflix has announced that “Fakes,” a new series aimed at young people, will be released.

The soon-to-be-aired television comedy depicts the lives of two teenagers who, through a series of unfortunate events, develop “one of the largest fake ID kingdoms in North America.”

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The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, was reportedly where the filming took place. The forthcoming Netflix Original’s production kicked off on November 4.

The release date for Fakes was announced following the release of the trailer by the Netflix team. Yes, on September 2, 2022, Fakes will premiere on your televisions