A Spanish series, “Elite” is a teen drama show. The winner of the GLAAD award, the series streams on the Netflix platform.

Starring Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, and Danna Paola in the lead, the series has completed streaming five seasons now.

The thriller show now looks forward to releasing a season 6 and we have got all the details.

“Til death does us apart” is what identifies the plot of this series. Having released five seasons, fans now await the release of a season 6.

Streaming on Netflix, the first season aired in October 2018 while the latest fifth season made a debut in April 2022.

The good news for the fans is that season 6 of “Elite” is in-making and will be released soon. The show had been renewed for this season in October 2021.

The update had come prior to the release of season 4 as well. The release date of season 6 hasn’t been announced yet but we believe it could be here anytime soon.

“Elite” is a teen drama show that premieres on Netflix. Having done 5 seasons, the show introduces a new concept in each season.


“Elite” is a Spain-based thriller series that has completed the premiering five seasons now. Adding to this, a season 6 is also in making.


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