The play features Argentine actor Juan Minujín and former police officer Miguel Palacios

The cast includes Lorenzo Ferro as Christian “Moco” Pardo, Carlos Portaluppi as El Morcilla

We assume that when and when production and we are nearing your release, the synopsis and trailer will be released.

While the broadcaster was about to announce the future of El Marginal, the cast of the series revealed that El Marginal has been revived for the fifth season

The COVID-19 epidemic may be responsible for this. If we remember, the fourth season took two years to reach our screens.

Season 4 was based entirely on the result of a deadly fire at San Onofre prison. However, it included Pastor and Borges to deal with the consequences.

At that time, they transferred César to another Sub-21 prison. Emma worked hard to help the pastor escape from prison during the drama.