Scouts Honor:

The Scout’s Honor Trailer Teases Netflix’s Upcoming True Crime Documentary

Scouts Honor The trailer for The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America has been released, and the documentary will disclose some disturbing revelations. 

The official Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of The Boy Scouts of America teaser for Netflix’s upcoming true crime documentary, centered on the horrifying number of s*xual assault incidents that the Boy Scouts of America have witnessed over the last decades, has been released.

 On September 6, the film will be accessible exclusively on Netflix.

The Scout’s Honor:  The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America official trailer

“I don’t care if I bring the whole temple down,” one interviewee states ominously in the teaser for the new Netflix documentary Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America.

That remark refers to a horrible child s*x abuse case of the streamer’s new documentary feature, directed by Brian Knappenberger. “This is an abomination,” the source said of the thousands upon thousands of recorded reports of abuse.

Exclusive interviews with victims and ex-employees expose facts of one of the country’s greatest child s*xual abuse turmoil.

An interview with Michael Johnson, the Boy Scouts’ former youth protection head turned whistleblower, is also included in the documentary. He initially spoke out regarding how the youth group covered up hundreds of allegations of child s*xual abuse in 2021.

The film will likely reveal how the Boy Scouts’ system hid countless terrible tragedies and cases of abuse and the unfairness that several victims have endured over the years. It will be captivating to find out how these events were investigated.

The teaser demonstrates how numerous specialists and journalists were questioned to investigate these sensitive topics. A handful of survivors have also spoken forward.

The story is based on Patrick Boyle, a journalist who reported about the Boy Scouts controversy in his 1994 book Scout’s Honor. The heartbreaking experiences of survivors are sure to make you gloomy.

Most people would be surprised to know, as we see in the teaser, that around 82,000 reports of abuse have been documented since the Boy Scouts of America program was formed in 1910.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, The New York Times reported in 2021 that the 82,000 figure “far exceeds” the number of accusations submitted in Catholic church s*x abuse cases.

“This investigative documentary explores how the Boy Scouts of America attempted to cover up one of history’s darkest child s*xual abuse scandals through exclusive conversations with reporters, survivors, and former employees.”


The cast and crew of Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America.

Brian Knappenberger, who previously filmed The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, directed this documentary.

Orlando von Einsiedel is the film’s producer. The director interviewed individuals from the Boy Scouts of America, which will be featured in the movie. The debut trailer depicts some grim realities and makes a striking impression.