“I’m Not Surprised” Says Storm Reid About Euphoria Season 3 Delay!

Recently we received an update on Euphoria Season 3 has been delayed for the upcoming 9 months, and Storm Reid is not surprised by the news.

As we all are aware of the fact that delays are quite common these days because of the WGA strikes and the rightest strikes that were there during the last year and many projects are being delayed due to it.

As we all are waiting for the third season of Euphoria we all have questions in our minds regarding the delay of the third season but Storm Reid is the first cast member who is speaking about the delays that are happening in the coming Season 3 and said she is not surprised by the delays happening.

So to know in each and everything about the statement that she made about the delays all you need to do is just keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

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What Storm Reid Said About the Delay of Euphoria Season 3 HBO Series?

Storm Reid
Bleeding Cool

Initially, the plans were that the shooting would take place in the summer of this year only.  But the plans have changed now because the film is not yet ready and the maker has said that the actors can complete their other commitments and then they will be shooting for the next season of the HBO series Euphoria.

However, during a recent event at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts’ Drama Center opening in Los Angeles on Thursday that is March 28th, she made the balloon-listed statement about the delay:

“I would hope the viewers, the audience will be able to finish the show, I think we should handle the show with care. We’ve put our hearts and souls into it”

She further added to her statement that: when asked whether she was surprised by the delays happening then she replied:

“Yes and no. We would all hope to be able to go back tomorrow, but some logistics have to be figured out. So even though I’m a little disappointed, I’m not surprised.”

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