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Camila Cabello Shows New Neck Tattoo & Revealed The Meaning

Camila Cabello
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Camila Cabello Updates: Camila Cabello is paying a huge tribute to Mother Nature. The 24-year-old singer of “Never Be the Same” debuted her latest body art on Sunday, a neck tattoo she got after finishing Robin Wall Kimmerer’s nonfiction book, Braiding Sweetgrass. Cabello explained the reason behind her new tattoo in an Instagram post over the weekend.

Cabello started her post with a quote from Kimmerer’s book, “the word ecological is derived from the Greek word ‘oikos,’ the meaning for home,” which she shared alongside a photo of her new ink. — a thin braid twisted into a spiral. The singer continued to speak openly about the book’s impact on her, saying, “My life was revolutionized by this book about indigenous wisdom and plants. I knew after reading it that I’d never look at the world and all of its inhabitants in the same way again.”

Cabello went on to say that the book had taught her a lot “about reciprocity, about Mother Nature’s gift and wisdom, and about how, when we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. All prospering is a two-way street.'”

Cabello also thanked tattoo artist Kane Navasard, saying that “his artistry helped me honor this important book today.” On his own account, Navasard offered another peek at the new ink. “A small sweetgrass braid for a lover,” he captioned the black-and-white photo.

Camila Cabello Revealed the Meaning of Tatto

Camila Cabello
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Cabello got her second tattoo on her neck two years after her first. The singer revealed that she got her first tattoo on her pinky finger in November of this year. “It’s a mystery,” the tattoo reads in script calligraphy.

Cabello revealed at the time that she “never believed I’d get a tattoo before,” but that she requested her mother to “write to me a commitment she’d like me to make to her that she thought I’d need for the rest of my life.” She went on to say, “To cut a long tale short, it’s a pinky promise to her that no matter what happens, everything will work out. There’s no way of knowing how it happens, but it always does.”

The singer has recently acquired even more tattoos as she prepares to release her third studio album, Familia. She disclosed that she and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes have similar tattoos during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I got a Shawn Mendes tattoo on my lower back as well,” she revealed to host Jimmy Fallon. “It says’seor,’ and he has one on his lower back that says Serita,'” Cabello quipped later to Fallon.

Cabello and Mendes have been dating since the beginning of the year. Their matching tattoos pay homage to their Grammy-nominated collaboration “Seorita.”