Skymed Season 2 Paramount Release Date, Trailer, and More!

Skymed Season 2 is about to hit screens on Paramount+ and we can’t wait enough! The medical drama premiered on CBC and Paramount+ in July 2022 and although it’s been quite some time since then – the second season is finally renewed for a second season with the news being dropped early this year.

What Does Skymed Season 2 Trailer Show Us?

We’ve seen the trailer and from the looks of it, we can tell you that things are going to get pretty heavy and intense – we say this because hello? With a plane going down and half the team being stranded in the middle of nowhere, it’s rather obvious that things are going to get pretty rough and tough.

Thankfully, there will be love and relationships blossoming, snakes being on a plane (intense whew!), and much much more. See the thing is that, with the trailer being vague and such it’s pretty difficult to predict things and what might happen.

However, it won’t be long until U.S. fans find out what all nine episodes have in store for them next month! All you can do is just wait.

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Who Is Starring in the Series?

Skymed Season 2

For the second series, there will be some familiar faces as regulars including Natasha Calis, Morgan Holmstrom, Praneet Akilla, “Ace” Aason Nadjiwon, Mercedes Morris, Thomas Elms, and Kheon Clark return for the second season.

Sydney Kuhne, Ryan Ali, and Nadine Whiteman-Roden will take place as series regulars from the second season and recurring members will follow the same ones from the previous season including Braeden Clarke, Emilia McCarthy, and Aaron Ashmore.

With all the trailers dropping, the Skymed Season 2 is likely to also leak episodes somewhere on the Internet but as true fans, the best option is to wait in anticipation and patiently without getting carried away by spoilers.

The series will be premiering pretty soon – on January 11th no less! The first season is available to stream on Paramount+, and if you haven’t already seen it, this would be the best time to watch it before the next season hits!