When Is One Punch Man Chapter 193 Coming?

When Is One Punch Man Chapter 193 Coming? Well, fans of One Punch Man are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 193, following Saitama’s advice to King about getting stronger.

Although the manga’s creator, Yusuke Murata, hasn’t officially announced the release date, it’s worth noting that the series typically publishes its chapters every two weeks, giving us a rough idea of when to expect it.

In the previous Chapter 192, readers witnessed King being sent to various dojo masters, each of whom believed they couldn’t teach him anything.

The chapter later shifted its focus to Fubuki, who visited Saitama’s apartment to recruit him. Unexpectedly, a sequence of events resulted in Overgrown Rover becoming a part of the Blizzard Group.

For those eager to learn more about One Punch Man Chapter 193, including its release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and what to anticipate in the upcoming one, reading this article to the end will provide all the details you need.

When Is One Punch Man Chapter 193 Coming?

One Punch Man Chapter 193
One Punch Man Manga Online

Well, considering One Punch Man’s biweekly release schedule, you can expect Chapter 193 to come out on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 12 a.m. Japan Standard Time (JST). Fortunately, there haven’t been any recent breaks in the manga’s release schedule.

However, if there were to be a sudden pause, the manga artist Yusuke Murata usually shares updates with fans on his official Twitter account, @NEBU_KURO. Fans who understand Japanese can read Chapter 193 on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website.

The manga is also available worldwide, but it’s only in Japanese. So, if you prefer reading it in English and don’t want to rely on fan translations, you may need to wait for a week until Viz Media releases the official English version on its website and app.

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Recap Of One Punch Man Chapter 192

One Punch Man Chapter 193
One Punch Man Manga Online

In One Punch Man Chapter 192, titled “Level Up,” King asks Bang to train him to become stronger.

However, instead of receiving training, King got sent to different martial arts masters who didn’t believe they could help him improve.

Eventually, King turned to Saitama for advice, and Saitama suggested that he should start lifting weights to get stronger. Right at that moment, Fubuki showed up to try and recruit Saitama to join her group, offering him some high-quality beef as a bribe.

Unfortunately, before Saitama could accept, a powerful creature named Overgrown Rover devoured the beef and then decided to follow Fubuki and her group to confront a dangerous monster. After helping the Blizzard Group defeat this monster, Rover was allowed to join their group.

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What To Expect From Chapter 193 Of One Punch Man?

One Punch Man Chapter 193
One Punch Man Manga Online

In One Punch Man Chapter 193, it’s likely that we’ll see King begin his training journey. Even though he originally wanted to train at a martial arts dojo, circumstances may force the S-Class Hero to follow Saitama’s advice and go for the classic approach of weightlifting to become stronger.

Additionally, there’s a chance that the upcoming chapter could shift its focus to Garou. He made his comeback in Chapter 191, but in that chapter, he was shown heading to his part-time job.

So, fans might get to see how Garou operates at his job and how he behaves without Bang’s supervision, offering an interesting glimpse into his character development.