My Happy Marriage Finale Ending Explained!!!

My Happy Marriage Finale Ending Explained: In the final episode of “My Happy Marriage,” Episode 12, we see Miyo as the hero who saves Kiyoka from the clutches of a group of Grotesqueries, which were controlled by the Emperor.

After their courageous victory, Miyo and Kiyoka find happiness and love together and decide to get married.

This story is based on a light novel written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. There’s also a manga adaptation with illustrations by Rito Kohsaka.

In March 2023, a live-action film based on this fantasy series was released in Japan. Additionally, there’s exciting news that this story will have its anime series directed by Takahiro Kubota at Kinema Citrus Studios.

The writers for the anime are Ami Satō, Takahito Ōnishi, and Momoka Toyoda, and the music is composed by Evan Call. If you’re curious to learn more about how the finale episode of “My Happy Marriage” unfolds, keep reading this article to get all the details.

My Happy Marriage Finale Ending Explained

My Happy Marriage

At the end of Episode 12 of “My Happy Marriage,” Miyo accomplishes a heroic feat by saving Kiyoka. She did this by delving into Kiyoka’s mind, facing her past, and unlocking special abilities to defeat the Grotesqueries, the menacing creatures that had threatened them.

It was revealed that the attack had been masterminded by the Emperor, but he was ultimately removed from power by Takaihito.

After this challenging ordeal, Miyo and Kiyoka were able to return to a peaceful life without nightmares.

Thus, the anime series My Happy Marriage Season 1 has a heartwarming conclusion to their story.

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What Happened To Miyo And Kiyoka at the End Of My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage

In the end, Miyo and Kiyoka returned to the Kudo household, where they began to live a normal and peaceful life once more. Miyo’s nightmares, which had caused her sleep problems, disappeared, and she could sleep peacefully again.

Their love for each other grew stronger, and they decided to get married. Thus, in addition to finding peace, they openly shared their love for each other and made the wonderful decision to get married, sealing their commitment and happiness.

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Where Can You Watch My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage

You can now watch Episode 12 of “My Happy Marriage” on Netflix. It’s available for streaming, so you can enjoy the latest installment of this captivating series at your convenience.