Pain Hustlers Official Trailer Breakdown!

Pain Hustlers is based on Evan Hughes' New York Times article "The Pain Hustlers" and stars Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in the narrative of a pharmaceutical company's unscrupulous practices.

Published: September 7th, 2023 4:09 am | Updated: September 7, 2023 4:09 am

The new action-packed promo for Netflix’s Pain Hustlers has Chris Evans and Emily Blunt working together.

The Pain Hustlers Netflix film remains one of the most fascinating projects the streaming service has planned for the remainder of 2023.

Pain Hustlers, which features some prominent name performers and a fascinating subject, is also prepared for a great Awards Season release, which might speak to Netflix’s faith in it.

Pain Hustlers is based on Evan Hughes’ New York Times article “The Pain Hustlers” and stars Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in the narrative of a pharmaceutical company’s unscrupulous practices. The Pain Hustlers Netflix film has been on many people’s attention since its announcement.

Emily Blunt and Chris Evans Face Moral Difficulties in the First ‘Pain Hustlers’ Trailer!

Pain Hustlers | Official Trailer

Netflix has released a fast-paced teaser for Pain Hustlers, which stars Blunt and Evans as they sacrifice their ideals for money. The clip suggests a tone in which Blunt and Evans’ characters collaborate to earn money under the table.

While the teaser does not say much about the plot, it is evident that the duo’s adventures will result in both comic and emotional moments throughout.

The new Netflix drama follows Blunt’s character, Liza Drake, a high school dropout striving to provide her daughter with a better life.

Following an accidental encounter with Evan’s sales rep, Pete Brenner, Liza ultimately gets a job at a failed pharmaceutical firm. Still, things turn nasty when she becomes engaged in an illegal plot.

“Dealing with her progressively unhinged boss, her daughter’s worsening medical condition, and growing realization of the devastation the firm is causing forces Liza to think about her choices.”


Liza and Pete’s affluent lifestyle at the corporation is teased in the trailer, and we learn that the film “may cause a more energetic elevated mood, ecstasy, paranoia, aggression, and greed.”

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The Cast and Crew.

Pain Hustlers
Digital Spy

The cast is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing elements of the film and a significant reason why so many people are looking forward to it.

Liza Drake, played by Emily Blunt, leads the cast. Blunt is fresh off her praised role as Kitty Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer.

Chris Evans will co-star with her, following his recent pattern of streaming films like Netflix‘s The Gray Man, Apple‘s Ghosted, and the upcoming Red One holiday feature on Amazon Prime.

Blunt and Evans are a high-profile combo, but they are joined by an outstanding supporting cast to round out the Pain Hustlers roster. Other cast members include Emmy winner Catherine O’Hara, Jay Duplass, Brian d’Arcy James,  Oscar nominee Andy Garcia, and Chloe Coleman.

The Pain Hustlers will be released in select theatres on October 20, 2023, followed by a week later on Netflix on October 27, 2023.