No One Will Save You Official Trailer Breakdown.

'No One Will Save You' Trailer Features Kaitlyn Dever Surviving an Alien Home Invasion

Published: September 7th, 2023 3:52 am | Updated: September 7, 2023 3:52 am

The horror film No One Will Save You depicts alien abduction like a house invasion thriller.

No One Will Save You, an alien invasion horror film, is one of Hulu’s Halloween treats this year, and a first-look teaser has just been released. Home invasion films are so popular because they show fright without fear.

Every one of us shudders when we imagine the terror and shock of strangers entering our house. But what if that “stranger” wasn’t just any ordinary “stranger?”It’s rare that an alien invasion movie and a horror film collide, but the effects may be explosive when they do. 

‘No One Will Save You’ Trailer Features Kaitlyn Dever Surviving an Alien Home Invasion

No One Will Save You | Official Trailer

No One Will Save You’s trailer teases a terrifying home invasion thriller with an unexpected twist. The film follows a possibly agoraphobic young woman who lives independently and has to protect her isolated house from an alien invasion. 

The trailer begins with what appears to be a typical house invasion until the threat’s alien origin becomes shockingly clear. However, as the trailer progresses, it becomes clear that the attack is not restricted to one house, displaying the damage in the world surrounding Dever’s character and its terrible impact on other survivors.

From the haunting shots of the alien in the bedroom to the powerful montage at the conclusion with all sorts of unsettling visuals, you get the impression that this film has the potential to be something extraordinary.

The film is set up to be an enjoyable watch on the small screen, with the trailer displaying a spooky and unsettling atmosphere.

While the first official look at the film only provided a quick glimpse of its horrifying aliens, other details about the film remain unknown. However, with the film set to be released on Hulu later this month, spectators won’t have to wait long to enjoy the science fiction horror movie.

The concept of a house invader is an often replayed cinematic theme, but No One Will Save You takes an unexpected turn when the threat she is attempting to fight is of alien origin.

Of course, an iconic strange story would be incomplete without the famous beam-up light, raising a person towards the sky, which the trailer thoroughly employs amid a cascade of terrifying action.

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The Cast and Crew of No One Will Save You.

No One Will Save You
Hidden Remote

Dever plays Brynn Adams, a woman who encounters an alien house invasion. Zack Duhame,  Ginger Cressman, Geraldine Singer, and Dari Lynn Gryphon will co-star with Dever.

“No One Will Save You” is directed by Duffield, while Dever serves as an executive producer alongside Joshua Throne.

Along with producers  Allan Mandelbaum, Brian Duffield, Tim White, and Trevor White, Jonathan Deiner is a production executive. 

On September 22, the sci-fi horror film will be available exclusively on Hulu in the United States, Star+ in Latin America, & Disney+ in every other region.