Ariana Grande Cut Ties With Manager Scooter Braun!

Ariana Grande decided to seperate with Scooter Braun in professional matters!

Published: August 23rd, 2023 8:36 am | Updated: August 23, 2023 8:36 am

Ariana Grande decided to separate from her manager Scooter Braun after Demi Lovato did the same.

There are a lot of celebrities who decide to change their career after going with the same for a long time in their life. The monotonous thing is something that affects celebrities on many levels and that’s the reason why they decide to go with some changes.

It could be related to the professional life or the personal life and also the people who are involved in it. The same happened with a lot of celebrities in Hollywood as we are moving towards some changes and leaving the previous ones behind.

The same is the case with famous manager Scooter Braun. After Demi Lovato, it is Ariana Grande who decided to cut her ties with the manager.

It all happened on 21 August 2023 when the reports started coming in front. The reporter came on social media just a few hours after the confirmation. However, the official news has not come.

As soon as this news came in front, a lot of fans of the singer started attacking the manager. While others called it a just rumor.

Some people even focused on the last release album and also the time that it is taking for the singer to come back as a singer but not as an actor. Some fans also started coming up with some theories of their own however, nothing is yet confirmed.

It was in September 2019 when Demi Lovato released her new album after signing a contract with SB Projects.

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Ariana Grande Cut Ties With Manager Scooter Braun After 10 Years!

Ariana Grande
People Magazine

According to the reports she stopped ties with the manager just a few hours before Ariana Grande decided to do the same.

According to the source, Demi Lovato decided to end this professional thing between her and Scooter Braun on a mutual decision. However, the main reason is yet not confirmed.

It was just recently when the news of Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun deciding to separate themselves in professional matters came. They had been working together for a very long time however the news was not confirmed.

The two artists worked on something together in this long professional relationship that first came in 2008.

It was not the first time when he came in front related to all this news. It was a few years back when he got the right to all six albums recorded by Taylor Swift.

That’s the reason why the singer was not able to gain all the rights back and decided to record all of her music albums once again. Coming to the latest one we are going to get 1989 in October 2023.