Zombieverse Netflix Release Date: When Is It Coming?

When Is The Netflix Zombie Reality Series Zombieverse Coming? Well, Netflix has recently revealed its lineup of Korean unscripted shows for 2023, and among the exciting offerings is a show called Zombieverse.

Created by Park Jin-kyung and Moon Sang-don, and produced in collaboration with Kakoa Entertainment, Zombieverse is set to capture the attention of viewers.

Fans of the scripted zombie series All of Us Are Dead will instantly find Zombieverse reminiscent of their favorite show.

The series immerses a diverse group of South Korean entertainers into the heart of Seoul, plunging them into a terrifying zombie apocalypse where they must battle for their lives.

Netflix has already established a strong association with zombie-themed content, particularly from South Korea.

Over the past few years, the platform has witnessed immense success with zombie horrors such as Kingdom, which impressed viewers with its grandeur and cinematography.

Despite these successes, a reality series centered around the popular sub-genre of horror is yet to be seen. Zombieverse is poised to become the talk of the town upon its release on Netflix.

To uncover more details about the upcoming reality series Zombieverse, including the release date, cast, plotline, and other updates, read on.

Zombieverse Netflix Release Date: When Is It Coming?


Netflix has generated buzz among fans of Korean unscripted shows with an exciting announcement. On July 9, the streaming giant released a thrilling teaser video for Zombieverse and revealed the highly anticipated release date.

So mark your calendars because Zombieverse is set to make its debut on Netflix on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

To ensure fans can dive right into the zombie-filled adventure, the show will be available on the streaming platform at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on that date.

So, get ready for a gripping and immersive experience as Zombieverse arrives to captivate viewers worldwide.

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What Is The Netflix Reality Series Zombieverse About?


Zombieverse takes place in the heart of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and follows a group of survivors who must join forces to navigate through a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Their main objective is to secure essential resources such as food, water, transportation, and shelter in order to stay alive.

Each day presents new challenges and tasks that the contestants must complete in order to earn the necessary supplies.

However, there is a catch—anyone who gets bitten by a zombie is left behind, further intensifying the stakes. Bringing their expertise to the series are Park Jin-Kyung from My Little Television and Moon Sang-don from Hey! First Time in Korea?

Additionally, fans of All of Us Are Dead will be thrilled to know that the talented art team from that show is involved in Zombieverse, ensuring a visually stunning experience.

Moreover, the extras portraying the zombies are being trained by the same choreographers who worked on the hit series Kingdom.

With such a talented team behind it, Zombieverse promises to deliver an exhilarating and immersive reality series that will keep Netflix subscribers on the edge of their seats.

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Who Are The Survivors In The Reality Series Zombieverse?

The New York Times

Zombieverse boasts a cast of familiar faces, including some recognizable survivors. Fans of the popular series Sweet Home will be delighted to see Lee Si Young, who portrayed Seo Yi Kyung in the first season and will be reprising her role for the upcoming second and third seasons.

Noh Hong Chul, a well-known entertainer on Korean TV, brings his charisma from shows like The Hungry and the Hairy and March of the Ants. Park Na Rae, a South Korean DJ, and comedian, adds her unique humor to the mix, having previously showcased her talents in the reality series New World.

Kim Cheol, also known as DinDin, a South Korean rapper and TV personality, joins the ensemble with his vibrant personality. Fukutomi Tsuki, a Japanese singer from the girl group Billie and a former member of 7+ME LINK, adds an international flair to the show.

Yoo Hee Kwan, a talented South Korean baseball player who represents the Doosan Bears, showcases his skills beyond the baseball field. Jonathan, a YouTube personality who previously appeared in an episode of the Netflix series Racket Boys, brings his energy and charm to the Survivor lineup.

Patricia, a Congolese YouTube personality and TV entertainer, contributes her unique perspective to the competition. Finally, Hong Seong Woo, a South Korean urologist, professor, and YouTuber, rounds out the cast with his diverse expertise.

With such a dynamic and talented group of individuals, Zombieverse promises to deliver engaging performances and captivating interactions among the survivors.