Why Did Sky High Season 2 Get Cancel?

Why Did High Sky Get Season 2 Cancelled? Well, originally titled ‘Hasta el Cielo: La Serie,’ Netflix’s Spanish series ‘Sky High: The Series’ AKA ‘Sky High’ captivated audiences with its gripping storyline.

The show revolves around Sole, who finds herself grappling with the aftermath of her husband Ángel’s death.

Sole to cope with her loss joins forces with her late husband’s gang, embarking on a series of daring heists. She forms an unlikely partnership with Mercedes, Ángel’s lawyer, as they navigate the criminal underworld of Madrid. Sole’s ultimate ambition is to become the wealthiest crime lord in the city.

However, her plans are jeopardized by Fernan, a mole determined to bring her family down. The series, created by Daniel Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarría, made its debut in March 2023 as a sequel to the 2020 film ‘Sky High.’ Audiences and critics praised the show for its compelling narrative and engaging characters.

Unfortunately, despite its positive reception, the series has been unexpectedly canceled. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the cancellation, providing a comprehensive understanding of why Sky High Season 2 will not be happening. Therefore, keep reading this article till the very end.

Why Did Sky High Season 2 Get Cancel?

Sky High Season 2
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Sky High, along with Welcome to Eden and In Love All Over Again, became one of three Spanish-language series to be canceled in early July 2023.

The news of its cancellation was first confirmed by Fotogramas on July 7th. While the specific reason for the show’s cancellation has not been known, it is likely that it failed to meet internal metric goals, as previously discussed.

Despite its initial success, with three weeks in the global top 10s and a total of 55,610,000 hours watched, the show fell short of expectations.

It is worth noting that the movie associated with the series experienced a slight increase in viewership, securing a spot in the global top 10s for the first time.

Interestingly, Sky High also generated significant viewership on YouTube, with one trailer accumulating over 17 million views. However, the cancellation implies that the series did not live up to the anticipated performance.

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Major Cast Members In The Film High Sky

Sky High Season 2

The major cast members who had been seen portraying their roles in the film High Sky include the following:

Miguel Herran is seen playing the role of Angel

Carolina Yuste is seen playing the role of Estrella

Fernando Cayo is seen playing the role of Duque

Luis Tosar is seen playing the role of Rogelio

Asia Ortega is seen playing the role of Sole

Richard Holmes seen playing the role of Poli

Patricia Vico is seen playing the role of Mercedes

Ayax Pedrosa is seen playing the role of Motos

Dollar Selmouni is seen playing the role of Gitano

Jarfaiter is seen playing the role of Tono

Ramseys is seen playing the role of Nando

Carlytos Vela seen playing the role of Pintas

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What Is The Film Sky High About?

Sky High Season 2

The plot follows the intriguing progression of Ángel, a young man hailing from the suburbs of Madrid, as he embarks on a captivating journey through the world of crime.

It all begins when Ángel crosses paths with Estrella one fateful night at a pulsating club in the heart of the city.

Their encounter sparks an intense connection that sets in motion a series of events, propelling Ángel into the depths of a criminal underworld he never imagined.

Drawn by Estrella’s enigmatic allure and the promise of a different life, Ángel willingly plunges into a world of danger, deceit, and illicit activities.

As he rises through the ranks, Ángel’s ambitions and desires grow, but so do the risks and consequences he must face.

The gripping narrative delves into Ángel’s relentless pursuit of power, wealth, and ultimately, his own identity, as he navigates the treacherous path of his criminal career, forever changed by his encounter with Estrella.

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Is The Series Sky High Based On A Real Story?

Sky High Season 2
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No, the highly popular series “Sky High” is not based on a real story. Although the series brings attention to the difficulties faced by individuals in Spain, the characters and specific situations portrayed are fictional.

Nevertheless, the director has acknowledged that the film’s underlying basis is grounded in reality, presenting a “reflection of today’s society.”

Drawing inspiration from various news stories and Spain’s socio-economic inequalities, the high-energy heist movie captures the essence of bold and audacious robberies that occur in such a backdrop.

Though the narrative may resonate with real-world issues, it is important to remember that ‘Sky High’ is a work of fiction.