Cosmic Beauties: Top 10 Hottest Female Aliens in Movies!

Here is the list of Top 10 Hottest Female Aliens from the movies and TV Series till now, read the list or watch the video here

Published: June 3rd, 2023 8:27 am | Updated: June 5, 2023 8:27 am

We have the list of Top 10 Hottest Female Aliens in Movies. Hey there, fellow humans and alien aficionados! Get ready to venture into the depths of the universe as we count down the top 10 hottest female aliens in movie history. These celestial sirens are so smoking hot, they make the sun jealous! Buckle up and prepare for an extraterrestrial thrill ride like no other!

The List of Top 10 Hottest Female Aliens in Movies

Number 10: Neytiri from “Avatar”

Kicking off our celestial countdown is Neytiri—a true blue beauty from the lush world of Pandora. She’s got curves that would make the Milky Way jealous and eyes that sparkle like shooting stars.

Top 10 Hottest Aliens - Neytiri from Avatar
Paramount PIctures

Neytiri proves that being a fierce warrior and a heavenly vision can go hand in hand. Who knew blue skin could be so appealing? Sign me up for an intergalactic trip to Pandora, please!

Number 9: Gamora from “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Sliding in at number nine is the emerald enchantress herself—Gamora! With her green skin and deadly combat skills, she’s the ultimate extraterrestrial assassin. Who says green isn’t sexy?

Gamora Hot Alien
Marvel Studios

Gamora is the epitome of “dangerously attractive.” With her lethal charm and a heart that’s as guarded as the universe itself, she’s the green goddess we can’t help but be mesmerized by.

Number 8: Leeloo from “The Fifth Element”

Prepare to be dazzled by the fiery-haired Leeloo at number eight! She’s got a unique fashion sense, killer moves, and a personality that’s as vibrant as her hair color.

Leeloo from The Fifth Element Top 10 Hottest Aliens

Leeloo may be an otherworldly being, but she’s got a down-to-earth appeal that’s simply irresistible. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have those epic orange locks?

Number 7: Sil from “Species”

Brace yourselves for some out-of-this-world allure as we meet Sil—the dangerously seductive alien-human hybrid at number seven. She’s got killer looks and an appetite that’s literally out of this world.

Species Top Hot Female Alien

Sil proves that sometimes danger can be oh-so-tempting. But remember, fellas, a date with her might have you running for your life instead of into her extraterrestrial embrace!

Number 6: Neytka from “Galaxy Quest”

Coming in at number six is Neytka—a sizzling alien babe from the sci-fi comedy “Galaxy Quest.” With her exotic looks and enthusiasm that’s truly infectious, she’s a stellar addition to our list.

Neytka from Galaxy Quest

Neytka reminds us that love can be found even in unexpected places—like aboard a malfunctioning spaceship. Her radiant smile and contagious laughter make her a star in our hearts.

Number 5: Lilo’s Sister Nani from “Lilo & Stitch”

It’s time to switch gears and appreciate the down-to-earth beauty of Nani, Lilo’s sister from “Lilo & Stitch.” She may not be from another planet, but she’s out of this world.

Lilo's Sister Nani from Lilo & Stitch

Nani proves that love and strength come in all forms, even if you’re not a space invader. She’s a reminder that beauty is more than just looks—it’s about the love and sacrifices we make for those we hold dear.

Number 4: Kara Zor-El, A.K.A. Supergirl from the movie “Supergirl”

“Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, is an invincible flying alien who visited Earth to recover a magical object. She is a blonde bombshell with super strength and the ability to fly. She looks mighty fine in her cape and costume, and her beauty is intoxicating. Even drunk rednecks can’t help but want a piece of the action.

Supergirl from the movie

Kara is a powerful force for good, and she always uses her powers to help others. She is a true hero, and she is an inspiration to us all.”

Number 3:  Number 6 from “Battlestar Galactica” 

“This humanoid Cylon is truly unique! Well, not exactly. She’s what you’d call a ‘model’—a series of identical twins scattered throughout the cosmos.

Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica - Top 10 Female Aliens

But don’t let that fool you! Not only does she possess the ability to kick major butt and resurrect in a fresh vessel, but she’s also on a mission to annihilate humanity, all while maintaining an impeccable appearance. Sure, she may have a touch of religious fanaticism, but this blonde bombshell will leave an indelible impression on your psyche!”

Number 2: Seven of Nine “Star Trek: Voyager”

“Believe it or not, this extraterrestrial being was once a human hailing from the Tendara Colony, but the Borg got their hands on her when she was just a wee one. Now, she’s a woman who shares our affinity for skintight catsuits with plunging necklines.

Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager

Not only is she incredibly intelligent, but she also possesses a quirky social awkwardness and a distinct lack of interest in ’emotions.’ And here’s the best part—she’s refreshingly straightforward, not bothering with the complexities of subtle cues or conventional dating rituals. Just imagine receiving a tipsy text from her—now that’s a communication experience to remember!”

Number 1: Princess Leia from “Star Wars”

Drumroll, please! Claiming the top spot as the hottest female alien in movies is none other than the intergalactic princess herself—Princess Leia! With her iconic hairstyle, regal poise, and a wit sharper than a lightsaber, she’s a timeless symbol of beauty and strength.

Princess Leia from Star Wars

Princess Leia’s timeless elegance, fierce leadership, and undeniable charisma make her the ultimate space fantasy. She’s the rebel princess who can take on the Empire while melting hearts across the galaxy.

And there you have it, fellow space explorers—the final countdown of the hottest female aliens in movies! We hope this cosmic journey has left you starstruck and thirsting for more extraterrestrial enchantment.