Turn Of The Tide Ending Explained: Who Has The Cocaine In The End?

Turn Of The Tide Ending Explained: Netflix’s crime drama, ‘Turn of the Tide,’ takes viewers on a gripping journey as it delves into the lives of a tight-knit group of friends who find themselves entangled in a life-altering situation.

Set against the backdrop of a beautiful island, their tranquil existence is shattered when a boatload of cocaine mysteriously washes up on the shore.

Inspired by their individual desires to escape the island’s confines, these young individuals seize the opportunity and embark on a risky journey of drug dealing, aiming to amass enough wealth to pursue their dreams in America.

However, their ambitious aspirations blind them to the fact that cocaine belongs to a dangerous and relentless figure who will stop at nothing to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

As the first season unfolds, the protagonists find themselves thrust into a treacherous predicament, constantly battling formidable forces that far exceed their own power.

Their struggle becomes twofold: not only must they safeguard the valuable cocaine, but they must also safeguard their own lives.

The first season of ‘Turn of the Tide’ delves into their harrowing journey, offering viewers a heart-pounding tale of suspense and survival.

Keep reading this article till the end to know everything about the ending of the series Turn Of The Tide.

A Brief Recap Of Turn Of The Tide

Turn Of The Tide

Eduardo, a lifelong resident of Rabo de Peixe, has always struggled to see a brighter future for himself and his family.

With his mother’s untimely death from cancer during his childhood and his father’s deteriorating eyesight, Eduardo feels trapped on the island.

Unable to afford proper treatment for his father, he is determined to secure his well-being before considering leaving.

Eduardo’s circumstances take an unexpected turn when two members of the Italian mob, carrying a substantial amount of cocaine on their yacht, are forced to hide the drugs in the island’s grottos and coves due to a broken rudder.

However, worsening weather conditions cause the cocaine to wash ashore, dramatically altering the island’s dynamics.

While most people on the island use cocaine for personal consumption, Eduardo recognizes its value and retrieves whatever remains hidden.

Simultaneously, a local gangster named Arruda seizes the opportunity to collect the cocaine from the residents, planning to create a stash for selling it off the island.

As Eduardo and Arruda strategize their next moves, Inspector Frias arrives from the mainland, determined to apprehend everyone involved and aware that the actual quantity of cocaine is much larger than initially assumed.

Meanwhile, the true owner of the drugs, Monti, arrives in Rabo de Peixe to reclaim what belongs to him.

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Turn Of The Tide Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happened At The End Of The Series? Who Has The Cocaine In The End?

Turn Of The Tide
The Envoy Web

Amid a chaotic situation involving a yacht carrying a significant amount of cocaine, various parties are vying for control of the remaining cocaine.

Arruda, a local figure, seeks to monopolize the drugs, but his plans are thwarted when Frias, conducting a thorough raid, seizes all packets on the island.

Arruda unaware of the authorities still possesses around 500 kg of cocaine. Determined to obtain the hidden drugs, Frias, Arruda, and Monti, who have suffered losses already, recognize Eduardo and his friends as the key to locating the stash.

Through a series of events involving betrayals and acts of revenge, Eduardo manages to take possession of the cocaine. With adversaries on both sides of the law, Eduardo orchestrates a plan to pit Monti and Frias against each other.

He strikes a deal with Monti, offering the cocaine in exchange for Carlos’ life and notifying Frias to catch Monti.

As the mob boss and the police clash, Eduardo ensures the cocaine’s safety by hiding it in a secret location known only to his uncle Joe.

In the end, the drugs remain on Rabo de Peixe, with Uncle Joe being the sole person aware of their whereabouts.

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Do Eduardo and Carlos Make A Visit To America?

Turn Of The Tide

Eduardo, longing for a better life beyond Rabo de Peixe, dreams of going to America for new opportunities. However, circumstances and lack of means prevent him from doing so.

The impact of cocaine changes everything. As the situation becomes increasingly dangerous, Eduardo’s uncle Joe realizes the only way to save him is to send him to America.

Their plan to ship the drugs disguised as tuna cans become unfeasible due to the threats posed by Frias and Monti.

After Monti abducts Carlos, Eduardo concludes that it is no longer safe for their friends to continue living on the island. Reluctantly, Carlos agrees to leave, understanding the urgency of the situation.

Amidst the chaos between the police and the mob, Eduardo and Carlos manage to escape. They discover a boat waiting for them that will take them to a ship sailing to America when preparations have been made.

The final scene depicts them enthusiastically waving as they arrive in the United States, which is meant to represent the successful conclusion of their adventure.