Thicker Than Water Ending Explained: Is Oumar Dead?

“Thicker than Water,” a French-language thriller with a strong female lead and an engaging story, debuted on Netflix.

This series skillfully depicts several themes, such as prejudice towards immigrants in France and gender discrimination at work, making it an engaging experience to connect with the plot and the characters.

However, being a Muslim from Arabia, she finds it difficult to pursue her goals in a strange country, particularly in a patriarchal workplace.

Actual effort does, however, pay off, as it did for Fara when she was given a chance to anchor a television news program for her network. However, soon after she had her big break, her family became involved in a drug trafficking controversy due to some errors that her brother Selim made.

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The Thicker Than Water Ending Explained: Fara’s secret scheme.

Thicker Than Water

Fara joins forces with her family to free Lina from Oumar’s grasp. Then, they work on their scheme, which entails creating flour-filled narcotic packets. Fara is eager to deliver the news about the police destroying the narcotics at the recycling facility.

Once the plot is in action, Oumar and his men hold the 24 News studio hostage as the live broadcast of the police destroying the narcotics is being broadcast.

The police are instructed to load the narcotics into a vehicle and send it to the recycling facility, with a reporter covering the story.

The police disagree, but they are forced to when they are informed that the news of them choosing narcotics above the lives of these journalists will be broadcast live.

Drugs are delivered in the van of 24 News. Sisters of Fara halt that vehicle in its tracks. They combine the flour and medication packets to gain an advantage against Oumar. Then Fara and Oumar depart for the site where they would deliver Lina to Oumar and his men in return for the narcotics.

Lina escapes from Mayo, who is escorting her to the place of their exchange, while Oumar’s equipment is being delivered.

Following Oumar’s assurance to the sisters that Lina will visit them, he learns of this and prepares to depart.

However, the sisters and Fara don’t believe what he says. They demand that he open the packets and draw a pistol on him. When Oumar discovers flour in the sachets, he also draws a pistol on Fara.

When the police show up, both Fara and Oumar shoot each other. The end of Oumar is shown. Fara, on the other hand, actually survives.

The person Oumar intended to send the equipment to sees Fara in prison and queries her about its whereabouts.

She threatens to burn down the jail if anything happens to them and asks that they be released in return for that equipment. Selim returned with his father; it is also made clear. He freely enters the police station. It is still being determined whether he is about to give up.