Jungkook Flaunts Abs and Tattoos In Photoshoot.

Ever since the South Korean boy band BTS has risen up, there is not a single day when their fans, known as BTS Army, have not been active on the internet. And this time, the famous vocalist Jungkook is the one trending.

If you are a part of the millions of fans of Jungkook and want to know more about it then this article is for you. Scroll down further to know more about it.

News got out that Jungkook and Calvin Klein have signed an agreement together. And as soon as this information reached the screens of the Army, they started fantasizing about Jungkook being a Calvin Klein model.

Fans of Jungkook started making edits that show the singer with abs and tattoos while wearing Calvin Klein undergarments. These edits did rounds on the internet as almost every fan was tweeting about it.

Is the news about Jungkook signing a brand deal with Calvin Klein true or is it just a rumor? How did the fans react to it? What edits did they make? Did Jungkook respond to the news?

If you have the same questions in mind then this article is for you. Keep on reading the article to get your answers.

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Did Jungkook Actually Sing a Deal With Calvin Klein?

Apart from all the other BTS boy band members, Jungkook is someone that has the most fans. His fan following is wild both in numbers and sensation. That is why, whenever news about him spreads on the internet, his fans find themselves unable to resist their fandom and start tweeting about the news.

And this time, it is about Jungkook signing a brand deal with the famous undergarments brand, Calvin Klein. Here are some of the tweets and edits that fans made on the news.

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Is It True?

There has been no official statement from Jungkook’s side or Calvin Klein’s side that the two have entered into a brand deal. This makes the news a total rumor as of now.

But who can stop the fans, right? They have already started anticipating their famous start appearing as a Calvin Klein model – being topless in pictures with tattoos and six-pack abs.

Until any official statement comes from either Jungkook’s side or Calvin Klein’s side, enjoy the edits made by the fans.