Billie Eilish Revealed Why She Deleted Social Media From Her Phone!

Billie Eilish revealed why she deleted her social media from her phone as it was a huge deal for her. We have seen how social media is becoming a kind of platform which is connecting celebrities to their fans. But at the same time, it can become toxic if some users attack these celebrities for no good reason.

Some people don’t like the unnecessary involvement of some users in certain likes and comments and that’s the reason why they restrict the comment section.

While on the other hand, some decide to take a step back from social media on a temporary or permanent basis.

The same is the case with 21-year-old singer Billie Eilish recently deleted social media apps from her phone. It is because of her love-hate relationship with the internet.

The singer has got over 100 million followers on Instagram but at the same time, she does not look at social media anymore.

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Here Is what more Billie Eilish Shared About Deleting Social Media Apps.

According to the singer, she deleted it from her phone and it is a very huge deal for her. And the only reason behind it is that she doesn’t want to grow up with the internet.

These all came forward when she appeared in the podcast Conan O’Brien. She was not there alone but with her brother and her music collaborator. In this conversation, Billie Eilish talked about her relationship with the internet when she was growing up.

By confirming all the words of his sister, Finneas said about how they were outside as kids. He declared himself as an internet kid because when he grow up and had the access to the Internet and iPhone. He considered himself one of those internet people who don’t change and do the things that he likes.

Coming back to Billie Eilish then she also talked about becoming famous on the internet and there was certain stuff with she never liked.

And that time, she was with her boyfriend when a video came which talked about how horrible she is as a person. The video was also related to the explanation of why she is really a bad person. It appeared to be funny to her but it is such a crazy reality to live in.