Kim Kardashian Rocked Red Crop Top And Long Skirt At Milan Fashion Week 2023!

Kim Kardashian was recently seen wearing a red crop top with a long skirt at Milan Fashion Week. Certain fashion events are considered to be one of the best in the whole world.

And if these fashion events are counted in a week then the presence of certain celebrities gets highlighted and remarkable at the same time.

Whether it is related to their work or related to their appearance in terms of certain brands, everything is easily noted for the audience. Talking about such then Milan Fashion Week 2023 is right now in news related to different fashions carried by different celebrities.

Among them is Kim Kardashian who was looking beautiful as ever in her red crop top and long skirt. It was on Saturday when the reality star came with one of her best looks which were coming with her long hair and mini purse.

The reality star was matching everything in red except for her black necklace. Her make-up was also on the point that was matching with skin tone while carrying it with a new lipstick.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Kim Kardashian from Milan Fashion Week.

Coming to her overall look then she matched everything with transparent heels and red nail paint. Kim Kardashian was confident and aware while keeping this event as a story on Instagram.

She has uploaded some videos and photos where she was posing at her best while greeting photographers and people.

Coming to her Milan Fashion Week then she is there to visit Dolce and Gabbana. It was not long ago when the reality star decided to show her fit body and abs for her swimwear collection.

She has chosen an alien theme where one can see her surrounded by aliens while taking sunbath and posing perfectly in front of the camera.

It was not long ago when Kim Kardashian made headlines related to her Tik Tok video with Kylie Jenner. They both were seen in a private gym while dancing together and matching steps.

At last, Kylie came to Kim Kardashian and gave them a perfect hug. She was seen in a black outfit and ready to work out anytime.

If not through her fashion then it is definitely through her family time that Kim Kardashian generally makes headlines. She always tries to support her children at their school, in entertainment, and in different kinds of scenarios. And that’s the reason why she was recently seen having a fun time with her kid Chicago.