A Sunday Affair Ending Explained: Who Does Sunday Develop Feeling for?

Let’s find out who Sunday ultimately chooses in the A Sunday Affair finale as she is caught in a challenging love triangle.

Nse Ikpe-Etim portrays Uche, Toyin is played by Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Oris Erhuero plays Sunday, and other actors include Alexx Ekubo, Uzor Osimpkpa, Chris Iheuwa, and Hilda Dokubo.

The film is directed by Walter Taylaur, while Darrel Bristow-Bovey, Mo Abudu, and Nnegest Likké wrote the screenplay. It was created by EbonyLife Media and had a running time of around 1 hour and 36 minutes.

The plot centers on Sunday, Uche, and Toyin as they become trapped in a difficult circumstance with no way out.

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An explanation of how A Sunday Affair ended.

A Sunday Affair

Toyin becomes intoxicated in the club and requests Uche’s seclusion. She contacts Femi in fear, and Sunday joins him at the club. Sunday searches for Toyin when they cannot locate her in the club.

But before departing, he admits to Uche that he loves her and vows to track down her companion. When Sunday visits the beach, he sees Toyin sobbing. She motions for him to go and says she has stage 3 cervical cancer.

Sunday brings her home and reveals that his mother passed away from cancer when he was ten years old. He offers to stand by her side and exhorts her to battle it.

He still feels love for Uche, but he chooses to date Toyin to keep her spirit alive. Toyin visits Uche and informs her of her situation. And if that weren’t enough, she eventually admits to dating Sunday.

Uche is furious on the inside but doesn’t show it. She can’t fathom why Sunday would proclaim his love to her if he intended to date her best friend.

When she confronts him at work, he confesses his love for her but says that owing to Toyin’s illness, he must stay by her side. As she starts chemotherapy, the two resolve to put their disagreement aside for Toyin’s sake. Even when her circumstances deteriorate, she never gives up.

Sunday finally has enough and meets Uche at her gallery, where they engage in sexual activity. Toyin learns she is expecting a child and will have to stop receiving chemotherapy if she intends to keep the child.

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Do Sunday and Uche have a happy ending?

A Sunday Affair

Toyin chooses to retain the child despite Sunday and Uche’s objections. She argues that she will fight the disease later but has always desired a child and cannot turn her back on this miracle. Sadly, things don’t turn out nicely.

Two months are left for Toyin, and the birth is already due. Unfortunately, the doctor says that surgery is required to deliver the baby. Toyin does not survive even though they can save the infant.

We witness a flashback sequence where the two first met and became friends as children, as Uche is inconsolable. It is later discovered that Toyin left her closest friend a note indicating that she was aware of Sunday and her as they got ready for the burial.

She wasn’t upset when she observed them having sex in the gallery. On the contrary, she was happy that the two individuals who meant the most to her had met.

Instead, she regrets taking a few months away from their potential future together because she wanted to borrow their happiness before she passed away. Toyin encourages Uche to take care of her newborn baby and begs her never to allow her memory to get in the way of her connection with Sunday.