Jenna Ortega Revealed She Was The One Who Choreographed Viral Wednesday Dance In 2 Days!

Jenna Ortega has confessed that she has choreographed her Wednesday dance in just 2 days. There are a lot of celebrities, especially actors who try to give their best through their own originated performances.

Whether it is related to their musical performance in the film which requires great vocals or whether it is related to their dance which requires great choreography skills.

If we talk about such things then Hollywood celebrities are not less in anything. The same happened with Jenna Ortega as she revealed of choreographing the Wednesday dance by herself in just 2 days.

The actress had to do some fast thinking for her dance as she has recently revealed of creating this viral dance from her show called Wednesday. When it comes to the time duration then she took only 2 days to complete it.

These all things got revealed in the show called The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

It was on 16 December 2022 when Jenna Ortega confessed that she had not worked with the choreographical the time director decided to bring it up. And that’s the reason why it was on her to figure out everything.

So to make things very easy and comfortable for her she started going back to the old videos of gothic kids and bands.

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Here is what Jenna Ortega Shared About The Viral Wednesday Dance.

Jenna Ortega
Entertainment Weekly

The actress revealed that she is not a dancer and that’s the reason why she got very nervous which lead to two sleepless nights.

She then added that she had not even gotten a chance to create or even practice these dances because she was keeping herself busy learning the character. Coming to the talent that she needed to have in the series then it was related to playing the Cello and also getting into the character by herself.

When it comes to dancing then she felt like kicking herself as a fool. The dance was filmed in a 1981 song which later on became very viral when the 4th episode was released in December. According to some sources she has also used some versions of a Lady Gaga song.

Coming the show then it has become very successful that it has broken many records and set many records. It was Stranger Things which was the most viewed series in the English language on Netflix.

People have streamed the series over 400 million hours on Netflix. But at the same time, it has not recorded that tag of Netflix’s most popular series ever as Squid Game is still maintaining this tag.

Coming the performance of Jenna Ortega then she has got a lot of appreciation for making it very fun and loving. People had founded it very smart as well as very cool and at the same time very unique.