Kim Sae Ron Working Part Time In A Cafe.

Kim Sae Ron, a South Korean actress, was seen working part-time in a cafe. She started her career at a very young age as a child. When she was nine years old she worked in the movies “A Brand New Life” (2009) and “The Man From Nowhere” (2010) which brought her popularity.

Recently the actress Kim Sae Ron was noticed working in a cafe part-time. On November 3, a YouTube user posted a video discussing allegations that the actress held a part-time job at a cafe, but that none of her friends knew the location or type of cafe she was employed at.

The netizens believe that in order to compensate for the damages that were done by her, the actress is working in a cafe. There is a background story related to the actress working part-time.

On May 18 the actress was arrested for a case of drunk driving and her agency shared a short response to that.

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Actress Kim Sae Ron’s Career Downfall started after her Druck Driving Case.

The actress, Kim Sae Ron apologized the next day via her agency and also uploaded a handwritten apology on her Instagram. Kim Sae Ron further said that she would personally be liable for the harm the accident caused her.

At the time of the event, she had damaged a transformer, which led to blackouts in four surrounding buildings, traffic lights, and streetlights. Nearby shops and businesses were also impacted and as a result, were unable to operate normally.

She has reportedly visited the businesses impacted by her accident to offer them financial restitution and has ceased all of her activities since the tragedy. So people believe that in order to compensate for the losses and damages of over 30 merchants the actress had to take up a part-time job.

On November 4, Kim Sae Ron’s agency Gold Medalist shared an official statement when the rumors of her working in a cafe started circulating. The agency confirmed the rumor by saying, “Kim Sae Ron did spend some time working part-time at a cafe due to her financial difficulties.”

In her teenage years, the actress was cast in leading roles notably in the movie “A Girl at My Door” (2014). Additionally, she has appeared in several drama television series, such as Listen to My Heart (2011), The Queen’s Classroom (2013), and Hi! School-Love On (2014). Secret Healer(2016), a television drama, gave her her first leading role as an adult.