Big mouth Season 6 Netflix Release Date Revealed

Big Mouth Season 6 is all set with more drama, and this time families will not be left behind. Watch out because Netflix is almost ready to unleash the new season of Big Mouth, their unapologetically raunchy, excessive pre-teen hormone romp of an animated sitcom.

The adult cartoon comedy is renowned for its love of swearing and openly and hilariously addressing the subject of hormones and puberty.

Release date of Big mouth Season 6

Big mouth Season 6
TV Insider

The premiere of each season of Big Mouth has been scheduled like a clockwork event, so it is no surprise that season 6 will be available on Netflix in October 2022.

Big Mouth Season 6 will premiere on Friday, October 28, 2022!

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Voice Cast for Season 6

Big mouth Season 6

Members of the regular voice cast include:

Nick Kroll
John Mulaney
Jessi Klein
Jason Mantzoukas
Ayo Edebiri
Maya Rudolph
Fred Armisen
Jordan Peele.

For the sixth season, new voice actors include:

Ali Wong
Chelsea Peretti
Natasha Lyonne
Nathan Fillion
Kristen Schaal
Jenny Slate.

The storyline of Big mouth Season 6 

Big mouth Season 6
Digital Spy

Hormone Monster Connie (Maya Rudolph) is scrolling through Instagram, looking at photographs of her crush, actor Seann William Scott, in the teaser. Then, Maury (Nick Kroll) walks into the room and asks her to massage cocoa butter on his pregnant tummy.

After some back and forth, the shot concludes with Connie yelling and a cut to the Netflix logo, which includes the Season 6 release date of Big Mouth. Despite being limited in content, the teaser was essential in answering one primary issue viewers had going into Season 6. Maury’s pregnancy may be a surprise to confused viewers.

Maury and Connie breach the fourth wall throughout the teaser to address the fact that the events of Human Resources do spill over to the events of Big Mouth. This implies that the two shows are running concurrently, and there is an established connection within the Big Mouth franchise’s expanding universe.

The trailer then depicts the teenage middle-schoolers receiving the results of their DNA tests, Lola discovering she has three fathers, Jay discovering he has a hidden half-brother, and Nick learns that his grandfather was a famous ‘nipple-twisting champion.’

Other scenes in the teaser include a reference to Bridgerton, Jessi clashing with her new baby half-sister, and an exceedingly awkward webcam chat between Andrew and his parents, as well as his last season’s love interest, Bernie Sanders (no, not the US senator from Vermont).

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Will it be the final Season?

Big Mouth has only been renewed for season 6, and there is no word about a possible seventh season. Given the story’s direction, it wouldn’t be a surprise if season 6 was Big Mouth’s final season. Instead, we may see Netflix add another season to its most excellent adult-animated comedy series.