Armageddon Time Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast, And Productions!

Armageddon Time is a lot of period drama that is going to release in the upcoming days of September and October. Some are films while others are series that have got a lot of popularity just by the trailer or the first look.

Talking about any such American period drama film that is going to come our way very soon then we have Armageddon Time which is all set to release in the coming days in the United States.

After getting a lot of good criticism from the Cannes Film Festival we have got Armageddon Time finally with us as it has released an amazing trailer that is liked by the audience. It is an American period drama that released its first trailer on YouTube on 6 September 2022. It has got more than 2000 likes and around 12 lakhs views.

Armageddon Time Release Date

Armageddon Time

Coming to the release then it was already released at the Cannes Film Festival on 19 May 2022 but when it comes to the official release then it is going to mark its way on 28 October 2022, a date to be noted.

It will have a running time of 150 minutes and that is distributed by Universal Pictures internationally and Focus Pictures just for the United States.

The production of Armageddon Time has already started in May 2019 with the announcement of the writer and director of the film, James Gray. It was then in 2021 when the film started rolling on the floor in October and was completed in December 2021.

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Armageddon Time Cast and Other Details 

Armageddon Time
Entertainment Weekly

Coming to the cast of Armageddon Time then it was confirmed in March 2022 by one of the members of the film. It has got amazing names and amazing actors who were nominated for many roles in many award shows. All the characters are also made with many precise so here are the names:

Banks Repeta as Paul Graff, Anne Hathaway would be az Esther Graff, Jeremy Strong would be Irving Graff, Anthony Hopkins must be Aaron Graff, Jaylin Webb as Jhonny, Ryan Sell would be Ted Graff, and many more in the list.

The story of Armageddon Time is related to the coming of age where family drama was seen at its peak. It is related to chasing that American dream which became almost impossible for the members of the family.

Armageddon Time is directed by James Gray and he is also the one who wrote it. There are a lot of production companies that are helping in the film which is going to release on 28 October 2022 with a limited release before getting it internationally on 11 November 2022.

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