Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Everything You Need To Know

If you want a controller with more power, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a fantastic choice. When the wildly popular Nintendo Switch console first launched, its detachable Joy-Con controllers received much attention.

However, as any Switch owner can tell, those small controllers may become uncomfortable during prolonged play sessions.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: Design

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller isn’t particularly innovative in terms of design. Unlike the Joy-Cons, which have a split nun-chuck design that can be awkward initially, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a traditional two-analog stick layout with a handle-gripped design.

A small LED that flashes orange while charging and extinguishes after fully charging is located next to a USB-C charging port on the top side of the Switch Pro controller. Additionally, you can recharge the controller using the USB-C phone charging cord, which is helpful if you want to do it while the Switch is off so you can use it immediately the next time you play.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may seem a touch chunkier than its PS4 and Xbox One rivals because of its class-leading battery life. With the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, you can play for an astounding 40 hours on average, as opposed to the six or seven hours you might get from a DualShock 4, for example.

Other Features

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

But the Switch Pro Controller is a vast improvement. Its sticks are well offset and have a good level of resistance, and the depth of the face buttons is just right. Since the NES era, Nintendo has had the best D-Pad, which is undoubtedly the best one available, enabling pin-point precision in 2D sidescrollers.

The Enhanced Wireless Controller from PowerA provides a comparable gaming experience to the Pro Controller at a lower cost.

Additionally, it is powered by AA batteries, so playing with it for an incredibly long time is possible. This eliminates the need to plug the controller in to charge and allows for easy battery replacement.

The integrated, rechargeable power source is incredibly durable with a stated 40 hours of battery life—which I haven’t yet managed to reach.

That drastically reduces the DualShock 4’s seven to eight-hour battery life and is probably comparable to (or even better than) the Xbox One gamepad that AAs power. It won’t be easy to run out of juice if you sometimes recharge it with the USB-C cable.

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