Netflix’s K-Drama Glitch Release Date Announced

Netflix Korea made the news earlier today (September 2) and shared the release date and the first poster for the forthcoming mystery series Glitch. The series will feature Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo, Alienoid) and Nana (Oh! Master, Memorials), among other actors and actresses.

An image of a lady standing in the center of a crop circle created on the ground of an outdoor parking lot is shown on the poster connected to the notification. She glances up towards the blazing, stuttering lights. The photograph’s caption says, “My lover has vanished from the face of the earth.”

The Glitch will be available on Netflix on October 7 and tells the story of a lady called Hong Ji-Hyo, portrayed by Jeon. Her partner disappears after having an experience with an unknown light in the sky, and she searches for him.

Since he went missing, Ji-Hyo has started looking for her partner and trying to find out where he is. Ji-Hyo starts to get closer to the truth about a massive cover-up with the assistance of Heo Bo-ra (Nana) and the members of a UFO club.

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More About Netflix’s K-Drama Glitch


Notably, the script for Glitch was written by Jin Han-sae, the creator of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Extracurricular, which debuted in 2020.

The new Korean mystery drama will also be directed by Roh Deok, who is most known for her work on the films The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo and Very Ordinary Couple. Roh Deok will be directing both of these projects.

It has been decided that Glitch will be Roh Deok’s first series.

In other developments, Parasite actor Song Kang-ho, who won the award for Best Actor at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, has just stated that he will be appearing in his first Korean drama role in his 32-year career.

Earlier this week, the production company Slingshot Studio announced to the press that Song has agreed to play a part in Uncle Sam Shik’s upcoming series.

The “bromance” between two longstanding friends, Sam Shik and Kim San, who jointly made it through South Korea’s stormy 1960s together, will be the focus of the ten episodes that make up this order.

The narrative of Glitch follows Hong Ji-Hyo, a woman who, with the assistance of members of a UFO club, tries to locate her lover, who has gone missing. The writer Gin Han-sai, whose work on the critically acclaimed Netflix series Extracurricular captivated viewers and critics alike, is back with the show’s production crew at Studio 329 for the new series Glitch.

Gin Han-daring sai’s writing style and great insight kept viewers startled in his first series. Now, in Glitch, he reveals a captivating and gripping tale about members of a UFO club on the hunt for people who have vanished in a weird beam of light.

The story of their unique mission, which, when seen from the perspective of society as a whole, looks absurd, is portrayed in the style of a tense comedic thriller.


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