The Amazing Race Season 34 Is it Coming in August?

The Amazing Race returns in autumn 2022 following filming season 34 during the summertime. The reality show program was first released in 2001, and competitors are still joining up to compete for the $1 million reward over 20 years later.

The race is divided into stages in which competitors are given clues and must traverse across various nations to accomplish physically and psychologically demanding challenges. They might be dismissed if they are the last ones to arrive at their ultimate stop for that leg. The last squad will win the seven-figure amount if they can endure.

Season 33 of The Amazing Race was unlike any other season before it. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, filming was halted early in the process. Nevertheless, there was one benefit to the new format of the event.

“I feel that one of the best things to come out of all of this was that all of us practically got our own jet with The Amazing Race written on it.” That was meant for all of us. We’ve all been saying for years that it would be fantastic if we didn’t have to wait in airport lines and go through all of these ridiculous security processes.

“To be honest, getting on a plane was a bit of a game changer for me,” Phil told Entertainment Weekly.

It’s unknown how prior seasons’ measures will affect the following season, but we’re ready to get our passports out.

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Release Date of The Amazing Race season 34

The Amazing Race Season 34

Expect to tour the world without moving from your sofa as season 34 starts on Wednesday, September 21, at 10 p.m. ET.

The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Wednesdays alongside Survivor season 43 and the new reality show The Real Love Boat.

The Cast 

This season of The Amazing Race will have about 11 two-person teams. The reality show has a broad collection of characters, ranging from former NFL stars to ordinary parents. The cast has yet to be revealed, although that is likely to change as the launch date approaches.


Although season 33 was confined to European nations (as compared to prior seasons, which included the whole map), it is uncertain which of the teams will race in the current season. We do know, though, that they will be doing so in a private jet.

Whose The Host Of The Amazing Race season 34?

Season 34 of The Amazing Race returns with Phil Keoghan as host. The New Zealand-born TV host has presented the show since its inception and also serves as an executive producer.


CBS hasn’t published a teaser yet, but the anticipation is palpable, right? And besides, the candidates may be anyplace on the planet. Are there any possibilities?

How and Where to Watch?

Every Wednesday, brand new episodes of The Amazing Race season 34 release live on CBS. The episodes will be on demand the next day on Paramount Plus.

You can view past seasons on Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount Plus, or Vudu.

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