Why Kraven the Hunter stands out from the pack explained by Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

The actor of Bullet Train spoke in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the reasons why his next solo Why Kraven the Hunter spectacular would be different from other such events.

Kraven the Hunter


In a recent interview, Aaron Taylor-Johnson shared how his upcoming film Kraven the Hunter will be different than any other MCU Film.

After the debacle that was the Morbius film, which saw the film hacked apart in post-production and became an ironic internet sensation before bombing twice in theatres, any comic book adaptation that Sony is crafting is guaranteed to be viewed with a mix of skepticism and suspicion. Especially after the Morbius debacle, which saw the film hacked apart in post-production and became an ironic internet sensation before bombing twice in theatres, so Kraven.

J.C. Chandor has shown himself to be an excellent director. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a hugely talented actor with plenty of experience in blockbusters and effects-driven films. The supporting cast boasts plenty of heavy hitters, including everyone from the breakout star of West Side Story to Oscar winner Russell Crowe.

Even though the leading man tried to backtrack on his remark slightly, it did not go down well with comic book fans when he commented on Kraven being an environmentalist and defender of the natural world. However, he did attempt to backtrack on his stance.

The actor of Bullet Train explained the reasons why his next solo spectacular would stand out from the crowd of superhero movies in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The fact that Kraven is going to be filmed on site will make a huge impact. It will contribute something quite lovely to the telling of our particular narrative. In addition, it differentiates Kraven’s appearance from the Marvel stage outfit.

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What more did Aaron Taylor-Johnson share about Kraven the Hunter?

Entertainment Weekly

It is essential to develop this persona that they exist in the actual world. This is essential to maintain the story’s credibility. When you go about barefoot on the streets, you are more attuned to the environment and more able to respond creatively.

It will be exactly five months until Kraven the Hunter is released in theatres, and critics have already pointed out that Sony is releasing a Marvel movie on Friday the 13th in January, which is typically considered the cinematic equivalent of a wasteland. As a result, much work must be done to convince audiences that it will be worth their time.

It was also revealed in April 2022 that the vehicle chase set piece that featured Kraven the Hunter had been recorded on location rather than on a studio lot. The behind-the-scenes video was released at that time.

In the footage, either Taylor-Johnson or his stunt double can be seen dressed as Sergei Kravinoff and hanging to the side of a black truck as it travels down a busy street in London. Before primary production began on Kraven the Hunter, the actor has hinted in the past that he had to go through “a load of stunt training.”

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