Virgin River Season 5 Filming Started? Know Where and When?

Virgin River Season 5 might be made available as early as July 2023, know all about it before watching it.

Virgin River Season 5


In a recent interview, the cast of Virgin River has revealed that the filming for season 5 is about to start, however, there are some changes in plans.

Virgin River, a smash sensation on Netflix, has a retro vibe that draws inspiration from vintage small-town shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson’s Creek.

The relationships are slow-burning, the pacing is languid, and there aren’t many electronics to be found—but Netflix moved quickly to capitalize on its unexpected success, quickly renewing Virgin River for seasons 4 and 5 after the premiere of season three.

Virgin River’s fourth season has now premiered, and fans are eager to learn when season five will debut and what it might entail. 

Virgin River Season 5 Filming Details

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On that front, we have both good and bad news: Unexpectedly, the fifth season’s filming was delayed by four months, from March 2022 to July 2022. Mel’s actress Alexandra Breckenridge revealed to Glamour in an interview about This Is Us that Virgin River had been postponed: Since I was on Virgin River, they have been attempting to convince me to return to This Is Us.

Which ended earlier this year, she added. “Virgin River season five filming was originally scheduled to begin in March but was postponed to July. I doubt Sophie and Kevin [of This Is Us] would have been partners if we had begun when we were meant to.” 

The good news is that Virgin River season 5 filming has to start in British Columbia as of July 18, according to What’s on Netflix. This was confirmed by Annette O’Toole, who plays Hope, in an interview with PureWow: She said, “I’m actually going to Canada tomorrow to shoot season five.

On July 18, the Virgin River Instagram account sent a message in celebration of the information: Our cast for Season 5 in a table read. Folks, you heard correctly.

Season 5 is now in the development phase! (Fans immediately pointed out that Grayson Gurney’s character Ricky, who joined the Marines at the end of the fourth season, was present at the table read.) 

Seasons three and four’s release dates in July 2021 and July 2022 suggest that Netflix may have plans to air one new show season every year. This suggests that, if we’re lucky, season five might be made available as early as July 2023. 

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