Warrior Nun Season 2: When Will It Release? and What We Know So Far

Warrior Nun Season 2 Update: Nothing can beat a fantasy drama in terms of entertainment. Because fantasy has almost everything we need. Among them is the supernatural + superhero element that goes hand in hand with some fantasy and drama involved in the perfect mixture.

Going for such series then there are quite a few that have given us the best of all the time in fantasy. It doesn’t matter whether it has survived so long or has just started because many have got renewal and came with fresh entertainment. Among them is a series called Warrior Nun. The series is right now in talk related to Warrior Nun Season 2.

Warrior Nun is an American television series that has the element of supernatural + fantasy along with superhero in it. It is a drama that has been created by the hands of Simon Barry. The series is already based upon a comic book that has the same name called Warrior Nun Areala which is well penned by Ben Dunn.

Warrior Nun Season 2: Release Date Update

Warrior Nun Season 2

It has released its first season under the production house of Reality Distortion Field. Netflix was the one who released it and distributed it in a High Dynamic Range. The first-ever season of Warrior Nun was released on 2 July 2020. Since it has got some positive news and reviews so that is the reason why the 10 episodic dramas have got renewal.

It was in August 2021 that makers decided to renew it for Warrior Nun Season 2. And that is the reason why the production has already started in 2021. The casting for season 2 has also been confirmed for October 2021. The filming of the series has already been completed in November 2021.

Coming to the release date then there has not been any fixed date that is finalized for Warrior Nun Season 2. But one can expect it in the winter of 2022.

The story is related to a woman who is 19 years old. she woke up and found herself in a new life. She eventually discovered that she became part of an ancient Order of Cruciform Sword. It has the task of fighting and finishing all the demons and devils that are right now existing on the earth.

Casting and character for the Warrior Nun have got confirmed. We are again able to see all the leading faces going with the same character in season 2. So here are the names of all the confirmed casting:

Alba Baptista would be as Ava Silva, Toya Turner would be as Shotgun Mary, Thekla Reutem would be here as Jillian Salvius, Tristan Ulloa again as Father Vincent, and Olivia Delcan would be as Sister Camila.

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