BTS Member Jin Suggested to Take Rest After Injury

BTS Singer Jin Has Been Discharged From The Hospital After A Major Surgery.  Maximum of the BTS singers are from South Korea and Kim Seok-Jin is also a famous singer from the BTS band who is well known on the stage as Jin. He started his BTS music career in the year of 2013.

This famous role model has born on December 4 of 1992 and now he is at the age of 29 at which he had major surgery and he is taking rest at his home after discharge. He is not only a BTS singer but also a songwriter.

He by his hard work had aired three solo performances in the BTS field and they are titled Awake which was telecasted in the year of 2016, Epiphany which was telecasted in the year of 2018, and the last Moon which was telecasted two years that is in 2020.

As we know that he is a famous BTS singer he was made the host of a few singing competitions which were held in South Korea for two years. One of his great achievements in his life is the Hwagwan Order of cultural Merit which was given by the president of South Korea along with his team. And he was placed in the top 13 of the most popular idol in South Korea.

BTS Singer Jin Health Updates

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On 19 of this month, the BTS South Korean people have shared an update on Jin’s health condition on the platform of Reverse that he had a big injury to his left index finger when he was going his own work.

After the injury, he immediately consulted a doctor near his home in a hospital and they have declared surgery for his finger. And the surgery was completed successfully without any problem. Based on the suggestion from his doctor he decided to take a small break and take a rest.

He will take rest until his finger injury becomes normal and have good health. He tried to use his own talent for the first time to release the solo performance and he titled it has Awake which got success recently. He wrote the complete song and it was sung by himself. This is the special thing in his life.

Jin Co members have promised that they will take responsibility for Jin and his health. They are will try to support him until he becomes a normal person and continues singing the BTS pop songs. Along with the BTS, the gang let us also hope that Jin gets well soon from his hand surgery.

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