Ariana DeBose Made Her First Appearance After Getting Nominated for Oscars!

Ariana DeBose got nominated for Oscars. There are many actresses or actors in Hollywood that have received or were nominated for Oscars. Some have won it and some are waiting to get it. It is very much satisfying and full of happiness when we see our favorite celebrities getting an award.

Once the nomination has been announced then it is very much exciting to spot those actors or actresses, to follow their works and styles. Along with them is Ariana DeBose who has given her first appearance after receiving the nomination for Academy Awards.

Arian DeBose is an actress of America and has got many films in her pocket. Her every role has been very challenging and very much apt for her. If we talk of her recent achievement then she got nominated for the Oscars and it has gained a lot of fame and a name for her.

Ariana DeBose First Appearance after Oscar Nomination

Los Angeles Times

Recently this actress got spotted giving her first appearance after the nomination was announced. She was seen at a fashion show. She was looking very gorgeous as ever. She was wearing a floral dress. It was the fashion show of Carolina Herrera 2022 New York Fashion Week.

The fashion show was held in New York City on February 14. She nailed the show with her designed dress that was really making her look like an angel for sure. There were a lot of celebrities who were present at the scene, some of them were: Alexandra Daddario, Alisha Boe, and Sabrina Carpenter. We have also seen Faouzia Chiaza Ferragni, Allegra Sha, Jessica Wang, and then Siva Pevida, Leonie Hanne, and Sai De Silva.

If we talk of some of her greatest achievements then we are quite familiar that she has won the Golden Globes. She has got nominations not just in Oscars but also in other Awards shows like that of BAFTA as well as Critics Choice too.

The actress of West Side Story come up as queer a few years ago. She opened up about it to her grandparents in 2015. She has also started an initiative in these matters. It was with Jo Ellen that she has launched an initiative called the Unruly Hearts Initiative.

If we talk of her career then she is active since 2009 and has worked for films and television. For television, we have seen her in season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance as a contestant. We have also seen her in Blue Bloods as well as Hamilton’s America. Her upcoming works are a lot in bulk and among them are I.S.S. and Argyle, both are films.

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