Dakota Johnson Said She Felt Embarrassed When Her Parents Post Her Childhood Pictures!

Dakota Johnson shared in a recent interview, she gets embarrassed when her parents post her childhood pictures. It happens to most of our celebrities that their parents get fascinated by their own children and that’s the reason why they try to show some of their kids past pictures and past stories of their childhood.

We have seen that a lot of our celebrity’s parents are in news related to these things. Doesn’t matter whether these things embarrassed their kids or not, they just do it anyway. In this list our favorite actress from Fifty Shades, Dakota Johnson is the one.

Dakota Johnson who is famously known for her acting in Fifty Shades of Grey and all its sequels has shared some of her stories. She said that how she feels when her parents have always uploaded a picture of her childhood. These things do embarrass her.

It was on The Late Late Show With James Corden, that Dakota gave her appearance. She was looking very beautiful as ever. In the show, she talked about her parents, Don Johnson and Melaine Griffith. She said that her parents always upload or post any pictures of her. her childhood. The show was on Wednesday where she spoke that how her parents talk of love with her through social media and told everyone how her parents love to use Instagram every time.

What more did Dakota Johnson share about the throwback pictures?

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Recently the parents of Dakota have shared some pictures of her and her sister on Instagram. Although Dakota herself is not on social media but she does get some news from it. She said that she is not on Instagram and that’s is the reason why she generally doesn’t find what her parents have uploaded about her.

It is the moment when these pictures take all the internet in their hand and when someone tells her about that picture then she knew it. Someone of her contact shares that picture with her and says that you are looking so ugly in it or you are looking very cute in it. She had some braces on and her hair tied up to a pony and her parents do not even care about it.

Dakota said that her mother is really an amazing woman but sometimes she does embrace her in these matters. She has told her mother and father not to do these things but she never listens to her.

Recently Melaine Griffith has uploaded four photos on the occasion of daughter’s day and gave it a caption that “Happy National Daughter’s Day 2022”. In the picture, we can see Dakota looking cute as ever and we have also seen her sister too.

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