Euphoria Season 2 Confirmed Release Date and Time

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria Season 2 is coming back to HBO Max and as we had seen Rue struggling with her habits of dr*gs and her relationship with Jules (Hunter Schafer). So fans were waiting for the story after her return from rehab.

The series Euphoria revolves around teenage lovers and their habits of taking dr8gs due to the social anxiety and insecurities in their lives. Season 1 was full of roller-coaster rides and we think the same pace will will be taken place in the upcoming season 2 also.

When is the Release Date of Euphoria Season 2?

The Season 2 of Euphoria has been confirmed by HBO Max by its trailer which was released a few weeks on Youtube by the official channel of euphoria. If you have not watched the trailer yet you can watch it below:

Oops! Sorry, we were talking about the Season 2’s Release Date, Here we have been confirmed at the end of the trailer which says that Season 2 will start premiering on HBO Max on  9 January 2022 means just after one or two days our wait of 2-years will be ended.

About the Release time

Euphoria Season 2 will start premiering on 9th Jan at 09:00 PM EST and the fans of other regions have to wait for their timezones or they have to check out the episode on other streaming platforms which have the rights to broadcast the episodes of Euphoria.

What can happen in Season 2 of the show?


Season 2 will deal with the plot where the story was ended season 1, mean Rue will be returning from rehab and as per the trailer we can she is taking the therapy session by attending the group discussions run by other former dr*g addicts.

Jules is in the school can be seen seeing Rue after a long time. We can als0o hear various police horns and so much tension in the background, It means that ‘Euphoria Season 2 ‘ will also be a chaotic season and we will see various twists in the plot.

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The series will have eight episodes and which will be released every  Sunday at 09:00 pM on HBO Max, which means we have to wait for eight weeks for the season finale.

If you have not watched Season1 of the show yet you can watch the previous season which is available for binge-watch on HBO Max.

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