Kissing Booth 4: Star Shared Why 4th Installment won’t happen?

Kissing Booth 4 Updates: The rom-com series The Kissing Booth has been closed out and while they leave it holds down many uprising questions which were not answered.

This Netflix series The Kissing Booth has been disbanded but they do not focus on not important plot holes, mysteries, and unanswered questions. The first premiere of The Kissing Booth was featured in 2018 as a teenager movie of two childhood friends, Elle Evans and Lee Flynn.

There has been a loyalty test between Elle and Lee as Elle falls in love with Lee’s brother Noah. They also shared a smooch in their high school fundraising Kissing Booth. The second season of this series puts a break on Elle and Noah’s romance as he went for his further studies at Harvard and a new boy urged his affection towards Elle in Los Angeles.

The Kissing Booth season 3 picks up the events after season 2. In this season Elle has to decide whether she has to go towards Noah or UC Berkeley with Lee. It was like to put a brake on friendship with Lee and to break the heart of his romance with Noah.

Will there be Kissing Booth 4?

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The final season brings all his characters back including Marco and Chloe. The Kissing Booth bid goodbye to the characters without attending to unanswered questions and mysteries. We will never be getting these answers unless its season 4 will be declared to be released by Netflix.

In season 3 Elle has to decide whether she will be going to Harvard or UC Berkeley for further studies but she was in the midst of that and she could not decide. These were the two major schools in the US so they do not spend more time on calling only one student who keeps denying their call.

UC Berkeley has given their deadline till May 1 and Harvard’s deadline for admission was May 3. So she was in the midst of whether to go to Harvard or UC Berkeley without delaying her gap in the semester.

At the end of The Kissing Booth, 3 was shown as Elle and Noah met at Kissing Booth where Elle tells about his new motorcycle she had brought and tells Noah that they will be going on a ride in Los Angeles. The ending of this series will put a question in minds of the viewers that whether love will continue like Lee and Rachael or they will just be friends in the future.

Just stay tuned for more updates regarding this series…….

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