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Dexter New Blood New Episode Want To Watch ,Released Date ,Arrive ,Plot ,Cast Know Here.

Dexter New Blood New Episode
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Dexter New Blood New Episode Updates: Who doesn’t listen to the famous TV series Dexter and his psycho behavior and his fake death scenario? People have adored Michael C Hall’s role as Dexter for which it gets a renewal for mini-series.

The first series has 8seasons and it got aired between 2006-2013. Recently creators of the show decided to give it a new series and it was named “Dexter New Blood” which is currently streaming on Voot.

This sequel is going to be of 10episodes and each will premiere on weekends.

2 episodes got premiered recently and it was giving the full vibe of the old Dexter series and that’s what every fan has expected from it.

Because Dexter is always known for his maniac and smart behavior and how to overcome some situations. The last episode was named Storm Of F*CK and it was good that now people are waiting for its next episode but there is good news for them.

That the next episode will be released on 21st November 2021 and it will be titled Smoke Signals.

The last episode was quite amazing in which we saw Dexter start to be a good parent to his son Harrison and then he revealed that his foster parent was his ex-lover Hannah Mackay has died of pancreatic cancer 3years before.

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Dexter New Blood New Episode
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Dexter was at that time taking care of his first kill of Matt Caldwell. Meanwhile, Harrison starts forming a bond with Angela’s daughter Audrey.

Dexter is able to cover up his tracks by setting up a false narrative that Caldwell shot a deer illegally and fled, but Caldwell’s father Kurt shows up just as the search party is about to disband, and insists that the search for his son continues.

And then we saw the girl which we saw in the previous episode and she is now aware that she is being watched by the camera all the time and then she discovers a note which was written: “You are dead”.

There are now being theories but we can say that plot for the next episode is straight forward and we will see Harrison and Dexter bonding with each other and keeping a good bond with so much mess in their life.

And we can assume that the girl who found the note will try to escape from the room and will he be successful or not let’s see.

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