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Rihanna Cheering A$AP Rocky As the Proudest GF In Front of Row At ComplexCon


Rihanna Updates: ‘Andi’ singer was the focal point for her boyfriend’s head show at a California concert. Rihanna watched in amazement as A$AP Rocky led the rapper on Sunday’s show at the Complexcon in Long Beach, California.

Rihanna was incredibly happy that her boyfriend had finished the festival in 10 years. A live celebration of his classic mix. Love. Coming soon. When A$AP sang his hit songs on stage, the “work” singer looked very happy.

Standing in front and in the middle, Rihanna was all smiling. She shook off a red dress that had a blazer in it and made her hair into braids. In the film, she posed as if she was photographing or videotaping her boyfriend on stage.

During the show, he wore rings on his fingers. In another shot, his girlfriend is on the edge of the A$AP stage, he was raping and wearing red flannel and jeans.

Let’s Have A Look At Rihanna in the crowd.


The festival seemed like a great time. According to the Setlist.FM, A$AP performed almost the entire mix and tracks, such as Kissin Pink. Host Committee Members J. Paulvin and Kristen Noel were through Crawley, Complex.

In addition to A$AP, fans received a performance from hardcore punk costume Turnstyle, who released their new album Glow Anne earlier this year.

Rihanna and A$AP both seemed incredibly happy together, and this was not the first kick complex she attended with the test wrapper. In September, the singer “Need Me” was behind the stage at the A$AP event at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival, and she looked gorgeous in full white attire, with stiletto heels on the show! You can also see the couple escaping love.

When we went on a date to Soho House in New York at the end of September, the pair were spotted in matching black dresses. Riri was in the full form of red color dress when he went out to Los Angeles to celebrate his great rapper’s 33rd  birthday in the month of October.