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Kenan Thompson Made Unexpected SNL History

Kenan Thompson
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Kenan Thompson Updates: Saturday Night Live’s 47th season has just begun, and Kenan Thompson has achieved what no other cast member has ever accomplished. Thompson has been a part of Saturday Night Live since 2003, making him the show’s longest-serving cast member. The 43-year-old actor and comedian quite recently discussed his time on Saturday Night Live.

Thompson revealed that he never thought that he would get the job. It is because he was sending his tapes but was rejected for being too young. After several tries, Thompson made it to their audition and eventually to the show. But he also revealed that every summer, the authority lets everyone know if they are coming back for the next season or not.

But even after getting the ticket to be a cast member of this show, Thompson never had a relaxed attitude. According to him, he was never like, “Oh, I’ll be here for a while.” He revealed that every joke needed to work.

So he or the other cast members never get the feeling that the audience will like any joke because they enjoyed the previous one. It is for this reason, as Thompson believes, nineteen years went by so quickly.

What Kenan Thompson Shared About the Saturday Night Live?

Kenan Thompson
Entertainment Weekly

Thompson’s 18 years on SNL is a new high for the show. Darrell Hammond, who had been with SNL for 14 years before him, was the longest-serving member. Thompson is also the show’s oldest Black cast member, exceeding Tim Meadows’ ten-year tenure. Thompson has performed a lot of sketches that he enjoys during the span of his 18 years.
Thompson expressed how much he loved the Weekend Update Desk.

He also said about how he enjoyed with Micheal Che the last week. “Just doing a funny bit about being hypnotized and just shouting out Zendaya’s name a million times, it’s just a lot of fun to be wacky there,” said Thompson.

He also said that if he anytime does his own thing like David Ortiz is always enjoyable on the Update Desk. But he also said that he remembers Steve Harvey doing Family Feud, which is quite funny.

Thompson has a collaboration with Autotrader and can be seen in a few new ads in addition to his job on SNL. Autotrader makes it easy for customers to buy a car by allowing them to order one online and have it delivered to their doorstep. He is shown in the commercials to be chatting with his Al-enabled smart devices and equipment about how simple it is to buy a car using Autotrader.

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