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Abby Lee talks about her horrible health. Click to know

Abby Lee
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Abby Lee Updates: Abby Lee just wrapped shooting season 3 of Gown and Out in Beverly Hills for the HAPAwards Show. The series, which stars Pol’ Atteu and Patrik Simpson can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Recently she underwent some difficult health trials in the past few years, and, unfortunately, has even more to overcome.

She is a great fighter but because of her age(55), she is becoming weaker day by day which is a bigger problem for her. Although she fighting back good from those things. Fans were very concerned about her so recently in her interview she told us about her health and everything.

In her interview, she said that her spinal surgery from 2018 wasn’t healing well so she had to undergo another surgery during COVID lockdown.

She said that “lumbar region that was the original problem years ago — and that’s why I went to that doctor because my leg was going numb when I was driving in all this LA traffic so I knew something was wrong,”. She said she has Spondylolisthesis that was getting “worse and worse.” She then shared she had to go into “in-patient rehab” and then undergo restorative surgery.

What Abby Lee Says about her health?

Abby Lee

Back in time in Florida, she broke her leg in which her doctor prescribed that not weight-bearing for straight 3months. For now, she is walking 150 steps per day with the help of a walker and she is under therapy zone also to give out her stress.

She said that “I need me to coach me,” she stated. “I need an Abby Lee person to whip my butt into shape and make me the best I can be.” It is considered to be the most motivational saying and she is influencing others to fight with what they are suffering.

Of course, the journey has been a “very emotional” one for the famed dance teacher, but she remains hopeful. “I need to get back to that 150 steps and standing without my hands and standing with brushing my teeth.

I’m starting that now — all that stuff,” she shared. It seems like she is emotionally and physically ready to fight back her horrible experience in the hospital.

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