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Kendall Jenner Attacked By Boyfriend Devin Booker’s Pumpkin Carving Diss

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner Updates: Kendall Jenner has responded to a tweet about her boyfriend Devin Booker who wrote about how using stencils during pumpkin carving ‘don’t count,’ also stating at the same time and then she shared a clip of their finished jack-o’-lanterns.

American model Kendall Nicole Jenner (25)disclosed that she may have used a stencil while carving pumpkins with her boyfriend Devin Booker( 24)in her recent tweet. Kendall Jenner made known that she was defamed in retaliation to a tweet was tweeted on the 18th of October which read: “Pumpkin doesn’t count if you used a stencil.”

This conversation exchanged seemed like the lovebirds’ way of mocking each other and this all came around in the time span when Jenner was seen sharing a video of the two completed chiseled pumpkins that had magnificent faces which were posted on her Instagram story.

What Kendall Jenner Shared About the Boyfriends Tweet?

Kendall Jenner
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Jenner also posted a story regarding her before and after sculpted tools and paints that had been used in the process of its making.

Since the April of 2020, Kendall and Devin when they started dating had many date nights and after they went public with their love affair in the month of February 2021 they seem to not be reserved in regards to sharing pictures or adorable video clips of their unforgettable moments that they have shared together.

Their unforgettable memories include them hanging out at their home, going on sumptuous vacations, and many more things. The lovebirds have been seen to be entangled this year; even in the reunion special of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kendell disclosed as to why she has a fondness of keeping the details of her relationship personal.

Speaking to her elder sisters in the show she said, “I feel like it’s always worked better for me that way; and no resentment to my older sisters at all, but I think that Kylie and I notably have had the opportunity to watch my older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and all these things and do them pretty publicly; again, no offense.