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Best Halloween
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Best Halloween Updates: Netflix releases a lot of content works and all of it is seen in the month of October for its Halloween month. The streaming channel, Netflix keeps adding more content than ever and all of this is more special this month to keep us chilling at this time of the month.

So here are some of the best series and movies which are all set to be released in the month of October and keep you at the end of your seat, some of these are sure to send some chills down the spine and they are included as.

Let’s have a look on Best Halloween Movies

Escape the Undertaker”-This is one interactive film that features superstars from WWE superstars and has the Undertaker setting a trap for tag team the New Day at his haunted house mansion.

Best Halloween
Escape the Undertaker

The best part of this film is that the viewers will help decide the fate of these three souls who try to survive the Undertaker’s wrath; this film releases on the 5th of October.

Fever Dream”-This is an adaptation from the novel by Samanta Schweblin and here the broken souls, an invisible threat, and the power of desperation and family come forward. This releases on the 13th of October.

Best Halloween
Fever Dream

Night Teeth”-This film is about a college student moonlighting as a driver and has two young women in the back seat who have sadistic intentions; this film releases on the 20th of October.

Best Halloween

Hypnotic”-this film releases on the 27th of October and is about a young woman who seeks self-improvement and goes on to hire a hypnotist, but after some exceptional sessions learns there is a deadly outcome.

Best Halloween
Best Halloween

There are some other movies too which one can check out for they are worth the time. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight releases this 6th of October.

A Tale Dark & Grimm”-this series is based on another series by Adam Gidwits and this series is an animated one which follows the plot of how Hansel and Gretel leave their home to find better parents; wandering through the Grimm tales much classic as they meet witches, warlocks, dragons and the devil as they learn to take charge of their destiny and this series releases on the 8th of October.

A Tale Dark & Grimm
A Tale Dark & Grimm

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