Black Adam Release Date, Cast and What we know so far

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Black Adam Updates: Black Adam is DCEU’s next biggest project. It is not new for DC to make movies of Antagonist. They are still filming for this film. Dwayne Johnson keeps sharing an update about this film with his fans on Twitter. He seems to be more excited about it than fans. Also, it is his first project in DC.

He also has teased about the release date of this film which is about 29-07-2022. Fans got hyped when they saw this date in a small teaser. It has been delayed because of the pandemic that broke last year.

This movie will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Cast and Director say it is going to be the most comic-accurate movie ever a superhero fan had seen. This movie glorifies itself with its best cast as Dwayne Johnson as Teth Adam or Black Adam, Noah Centino as Atom Smasher and Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson or Doctor Fate, and so on.

This movie is about an anti-hero Black Adam who is the biggest villain of Shazam in comic books. He also shares powers like Shazam but he got his power from an Old God named Shazam. He got his power from Shazam but he started the wrong use of his power so they imprisoned him in Khandaq for 5000years.

This movie is going to be a spin-off movie of Shazam to introducing him as the villain for a future movie of Shazam.

Currently, Shazam-Fury of Gods is also under filming so it can be his next villain.

Black Adam: DC Future


This movie will be set in a dark tone as other DC movies. Because it might suit the movie requirements because in comics Black Adam was the evilest villain for Justice League after Darkseid. And one time in the comic he also had defeated Darkseid.

It might be difficult for directors to show such overpowered villains in 2-3 hours. But it will be best as fans we can only hope for good. Dwayne Johnson also says that his suit will be made by VFX. So therefore we hope to see heavy visual effects and green screens in this movie.

This movie is currently in production so we might get a trailer or teaser in early 2022. They also will set it up for future upcoming projects on Shazam in DCEU. Because he is also an overpowered godlike superhero after Superman in DCEU.

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