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Facts to know about Halle Berry’s Boyfriend Van Hunt

Van Hunt

Van Hunt Updates: Halle Berry is a person who always tends to keep her private life very confidential. But Once Berry shared a photograph on Instagram where she wears a Black T-shirt having the logo of Van hunt with a green cap. Van Hunt is an American Singer, industrialist, and songwriter.

Berry also captioned this as ” Now ya know…,”. Their relationship seems to be a mature relationship. Halle has shared many Instagram posts with him and they seem to be a very lovely couple.

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

1. Van Hunt is a grammy writer

Hunt won a Grammy Award for Best R&B by a duo or group in vocals in2007, along with John Legend and Jos stone. They appeared for a version of  Sly and Family Stone song, “Family Affair”.He has also made many hit lists.

2. He’s a dad

Hunt is the father of one teenaged son Drake. He has also talked about this that “It is a lot of fun! I am not able to imagine anybody not wanting to explore the opportunity to be a father if you should decide to have a child,” He feels that this is a wonderful opportunity and he enjoys this position a lot.

3. Halle Berry and Van Hunt both are Ohioans

Van Hunt
Us Weekly

He is born in Dayton, Ohio while Hanne Berry belongs to Cleveland. So they have this in common.

4. Van Hunt has worked with many Top Stars.

Hunt has made a strong impact while working with stars like Kanye West, Dave Matthew Band, The Roots, Coldplay, Mary J Blige, and many stars. He has also made many hits and is having a huge fan list.

5. Hunt is Halle’s muse

Hunt revealed in an interview that she has influenced him a lot and even his music. This relationship has even made a change in his way of parenting. He became a very changed person and views life differently and he will show this really soon. He will nail this out very soon.

Even Halle Berry declared that he is her muse by an Instagram post captioned “When ya man is ya muse. 📷 by me,” with two close-up photographs of Van. On valentines day Halle shared a very sweet pic of her and Van wishing him Happy Valentines Day.