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The Suicide Squad Honest Trailer Pokes Fun At Task Force X’s Second Outing

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Updates: The “honest” trailer for James Gunn’s rated-R take on The Suicide Squad has been published, ridiculing the sequel’s attempt to revive Task Force X, according to the YouTube account.

Gunn’s adaptation of the story did not do as well at the box office as David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in 2016, but it received higher reviews from critics and audiences.

Despite this, and despite the fact that it was intended to be a standalone film rather than a direct sequel, there were plenty of jokes about the second Warner Bros. attempt in general.

In The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) returns to Task Force X to assemble a new band of supervillains for a top-secret mission.

The Suicide Squad Trailer

The Suicide Squad

The gang flies to Corto Maltese, a hypothetical South American island, in order to destroy a Nazi-era laboratory as well as all proof of Project Starfish, a clandestine government show.

All of Gunn’s rated-R jokes, such as violence and nudity, are highlighted in the trailer, which he was eager to include. “Get ready for the same core concept but a dramatically different method,” the trailer’s narrator says.

The teaser also pokes fun at the running gag that John Cena is invisible, asking why the movie has a “blank screen.” The narrator adds that they borrowed a reference from The Office to characterize Cena’s character: “The sort of guy Dwight Schrute imagines himself to be.”

It’s hardly the best promotion for Gunn’s new HBO Max series Peacemaker, but it’s hilarious nevertheless. The Honest Trailer is certain to make audiences chuckle at least once, whether they saw The Suicide Squad in theatres, on HBO, or skipped it completely.