The Rock Got Up at 4 A.M. to Exercise and inspiring everyone

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t one to do things half-heartedly. Especially not when it comes to working exercise. Johnson “blesses the iron” with the same high-octane zeal every time, whether it’s smashing a workout in the #IronParadise after a hard night of shooting Jumanji or doing wicked stunts on the set of the newest Fast & Furious spinoff.

He’s a monster. That’s the biggest reason why the Fast 8 and Hobbs & Shaw star has gone from a football player whose career was derailed by an injury to the world’s highest-paid actor and “Sexiest Man Alive” So if there’s one guy you should be following on Instagram to make sure you’re staying motivated and going hard in the gym, it’s him.

The Rock Got Up at 4 A.M. to Exercise and inspiring everyone

The first post was straightforward, with Johnson standing in front of a digital clock that read 3:46. The photograph alone doesn’t reveal what drove him to wake up at such an awful hour, but his caption sheds some insight on the issue. He wrote, “Monday morning.”

The Rock

“Let’s get down to business, my buddies. A few hours later, Johnson followed up with another post, this one featuring a video of his stroll to his Iron Paradise gym. Johnson says in a voiceover that it was 4:15 a.m. at the time and that he chose to exploit his sleeplessness as an excuse to start his Monday earlier than normal.

Johnson was fortunate in that his early morning stroll to the gym was less dangerous than the day before. The actor had just posted a video of a hawk devouring a snake outside his window, obstructing his path to the Iron Paradise.

Johnson said in the video, “It’s either my workout or his snake.” “You’ll know I got booted in the ass by a hawk if you don’t hear from me in a few hours.”On Sunday, Johnson was thwarted by a raptor. The Rock, on the other hand, was the early bird getting the worm with his pre-dawn workout on Monday.

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