Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Why the FX Show Killed Off Tara Knowles

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Updates: Sons of Anarchy was no more a stranger to the significant character deaths throughout the span of its seven seasons containing 92 episodes. The series was running from 2008-2014 and also followed the life and crimes of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club based in the small town of Charming, California.

Son of Anarchy featured Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff, Katey Sagal, and Ron Perlman among, other faces that were recognizable. The show’s focal story was between Hunnam’s Jax and Siff’s Tara, yet their arc doesn’t have a cheerful ending, sadly.

Who Was Tara Knowles?


Tara Knowles showed up in the pilot of Sons of Anarchy when she got back to the town of Charming after an 11-year absence, during the time she turned into a respectful medical doctor. Tara’s past was not that clean and basic as initially believed.

She was Jax’s highschool school girlfriend and the pair got up into some problem with the law during their relationship. Tara chooses to leave Charming at 19 and seek a career in medicine while she moved in with her family in San Diego.

After then, Tara at that point spent time in Chicago to finish her medical internship, and there she got trapped in a toxic and destructive relationship with an ATF agent named Josh Kohn. Fearing about her safety, she fled to Chicago and got back to Charming where she figured SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) would be helping her to keep her safe.

She and Jax revived their relationship and had a son together named Thomas. Tara also brought up Jax’s child son Abel as her own. The couple got married in Season 5, Episode 2, “Authority Vested,” at a brothel, before Jax was arrested and was taken to the prison with different other members from SAMCRO.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7: How and Why Did Tara Die?


Tara met her end during Season 6, Episode 13, “A Mother’s Work”, it was the time when she was killed by Gemma who was Jax’s mother. Gemma and Tara never liked one another and keeping in mind that officially they worked as allies united by

their ways of life as “old ladies” and their love for Jax, as there was never much love or trust between them. This confrontation moved to a pinnacle when Gemma discovered that Tara attempted to make a deal to betray SAMCRO to save her sons from the way of lifestyles of the club.

Tara needed to take her children from Charming and keep them away from the life Jax had succumbed to; the inheritance of a life committed to the motorcycle club, that was full of violence and demise. She at one point accepted that the love he had for Jax and the love he had for her consequently would be stronger than the dangerous nature of the club, however, she understood the folly of that idea and thought of looking for a way out.

Jax endeavored to step in and took responsibility for the deal with law enforcement, which would land him in prison for the following 25 years, yet permit Tara the freedom to leave Charming with their children for eternity.

Gemma learned of Jax’s planning and stepping in to keep this from occurring. She in general had a possessive connection with her son, and would totally step in to meddle in his life that she should decide to do so. Gemma went to Tara’s home and stabbed her more than once in the head with a cutting knife. Juice appeared and helped her out with covering up the crime and discard the proof. Jax at last got back home to find his wife’s dead body.

Tara’s demise was a deliberate narrating decision that was made by showrunner Kurt Sutter. Some part of Jax’s journey through the series expected him to lose Tara, portrayed as his “True North,” the person who might be always there to hold Jax back from going past the point of no return. In the order for him to truly arrive at the mental and emotional shift which is needed to finish the planned run of the series, that Tara needed to go.

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