Will The iPhone 13 Fold? When To Expect A Foldable iPhone

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iPhone 13 Fold Updates: Foldables are becoming all the rage. Every smartphone brand is trying to enter this market that has emerged recently. Samsung has been working hard to produce foldable smartphones, and they have got successful with the foldable that they brought to the market. And now, looks like even Apple is thinking of entering this space.

Though no confirmations, we can be sure that they are working on it behind the scenes. While they are surely working on the technology, it would though be too early to say that the iPhone 13 will be foldable.

This doesn’t mean at all that they’re not trying to make one. They are surely working on it, but it may take a while before it comes, and so the next iPhone might not be foldable.

Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone 13 series in late 2021. As usual, the next iteration would have upgraded in all aspects, from chips to cameras. And as we know, this time, the iPhone is tipped to have a display with a smaller notch. Larger camera sensors may also feature, as we have had 12 MP sensors in iPhones for a long time.

Apple is a brand that takes a lot of time to bring a major change in its lineup. It is said that “Apple Is Usually Happy To Wait”. And so the company would take a significant time before bringing in their foldable.

iPhone 13 Fold? When To Expect?


It might also be the case that the design and specifications of the next iPhone have already been finalized. The production has to begin, and they can’t make changes so late, like changing the design of the smartphone entirely.

Although there have been suggestions that Apple is busy on a foldable iPhone, most leaks point to the fact that this year’s model would only be an incremental design change over the last iteration.

One analyst recently suggested that the first folding iPhone might arrive in 2023, as was also reported by MacRumors. The foldable iPhone though might end up coming in 2024.

So we can say that the wait for the foldable iPhone might be longer than what you had expected. But surely, it is in the works. Before releasing any product, Apple makes sure that it is powerful, durable, and has no issues. So it would obviously take some time. But when it comes, you may expect it to be a breakthrough device for sure. The price tag would be equally high though!

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